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Idiocy of the 

Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence 

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

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In feudal language nations, there are various kinds of social and familial errors, connected to erroneous communication codes. Without going in for correcting these very basic errors at this location, all endeavours to correct such errors through legal strictures and such other things will not only be useless, but also are fraught with acute social and familial dangers.


Macaulay was the person who drafted the Indian Penal Code, which came into force in the year 1860. It is possible that most of the legal luminaries in India who drafted the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act wouldn’t be much aware of these lines. It was written by Macaulay when his dear sister got married. His sister had been close to him, but then he insists the predominance of the new relationship that she was now having, and the relative insignificance of her affection to her brother in comparison.

The attachment between brothers and sisters, blameless, amiable, and delightful as it is, is so liable to be superseded by other attachments that no wise man ought to suffer it to become indispensable to him. That women shall leave the home of their birth, and contract ties dearer than those of consanguinity, is a law as ancient as the first records of the history of our race, and as unchangeable as the constitution of the human body and mind. To repine against the nature of things, and against the great fundamental law of all society because, in consequence of my own want of foresight, it happens to bear heavily on me, would be the basest and most absurd of selfishness.

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