VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is an online-entity that supports pristine-English in the form in which it existed before the end of the WW2 in pristine-England.

The motive power that runs this solitary organisation is the mind of an individual who appears online in the penname of VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS.

The basic philosophy of this organisation is that pristine-England should be preserved in its most unadulterated form. And that the best governance and administration comes from any institution run by pure native-English people.

When pristine-English speakers are in charge, all persons who exist inside the society or organisation will get to experience the most liberal and personality-enhancing mental and social ambience.

There is no claim or feeling that the native-English are supernaturally endowed with extraordinary genius, brains, mental acumen, skills, calibre etc. The only point that makes them worthy of being entrusted with huge responsibilities is that feudal language speakers cannot run anything in a good level for long. For, their language codes will create a lot of acrimonious mental issues that can create mutual backstabbing, inefficiency, urge for cheating, suppressing others and so many other cantankerous issues.

VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is also of the firm opinion that native-English nations should be preserved in their rightful English stance. And all outsiders should be defined as mere outsiders.

England, in its current-day stature, is in a most abominable state. Unless some very stringent steps are not taken, the nation is headed for extreme tragic experiences. For, what is currently entering and spreading throughout England is feudal languages. Feudal languages are a disease and a disaster, from which everyone would try to run off to native-English nations. However, when they come in, they bring in their infection also.

All activities of VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS, including that of facility for free reading of the books have been confined to Telegram Channels.