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You and your star!


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September 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ


Persons born on September 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ.

Number 3 people in this month.

If you were born on any of the above dates in the month of September you come under the heading of a “Number Three” person, as any one of these dates by natural addition represent the “number three.”   

If born on one of these dates, following the rules of Zodiacal Astrology combined with my system of Chaldean Numerology, you are influenced by the planets Jupiter and Mercury in the Sign of Virgo, Second House of the Triplicity of Earth whose ruler is the planet Mercury in its (Negative) aspect.


The basic foundation of your character and disposition is described in previous pages for persons born in September.


In your special case the effect of your planets and numbers will be as follows:   

At heart you will be intensely ambitious, of an aspiring nature determined to rise above the conditions and circumstances of your birth and early surroundings.                                          

You will not be easily satisfied no matter what position you may reach. You will drive yourself with a “whip of iron” and unless you curb the insatiable desire for success and overwhelming work you will be likely to meet at times a very serious breakdown of the nervous system.                                            

It will come quite natural to you to dominate those around you. You will have a strong will, firm determination to carry out your plans, but at the same time you will hold yourself well under the leash using considerable caution to prevent going too far against the opposition of others.                                           

You will be inclined to be materialistic in your desire to accumulate wealth, and yet with it all you will be generous and magnanimous to others provided you are allowed your own way in being generous.


You will be discreet and prudent in all your dealings, rather suspicious of persons in general.      

Your mind will be of the practical type, quick to analyse any matter put before you.        

Scientific investigation and research will appeal to you but will be used by you as one would employ a servant to serve your aims and carry out your purpose.

If you become wealthy you will employ your riches to endow universities or assist students in their researches.               

You will find your best field work in positions of responsibility, authority & trust.

You will be good in organisation, making laws for others to follow, but for your own personal life you will be “a law unto yourself’ very probably not seeing anything wrong or out-of-the-way in carrying out your own plans.


You will be highly intellectual, mentally absorbing with ease the most difficult problems that may confront you at various phases of your career.                                                                      

You will be extremely critical and careful in your choice of friends and acquaintances, allowing few to get really intimate with you at any time.


Marriage is likely to be a curious experience, very probably contracted with either an inferior in station, or with some person you will mentally dominate.                                            

You should gain by investments in land or house property or as a pioneer in the development of countries, also in associations trading in foreign countries or places far from your point of birth. You would also be likely to meet with success in public life or some career that would bring you before the public.       

The entire trend of your life will be successful, the only danger will be of “over-reaching yourself,” or staking all on some over-ambitious “coup,” but provided you keep yourself well in hand you should expect to rise far above your fellows.




In matters of finance there is nothing much for you to fear, although you will always be inclined to be over-anxious. You will not be confined to any one line of work, but will more likely have many “irons in the fire." You will have a great amount of foresight and judgment and will always try to be “one step ahead” of your rival in whatever career you may be in.          



Your principal tendency as regards health will be to suffer from the upper stomach, the liver, spleen and digestive organs, and a tendency for diabetes.                                                         

You are likely to neglect yourself in your anxiety to succeed. You will be very much inclined to treat yourself as you would a machine and only send for a doctor as you would a mechanic to make the needed repairs.


Your most important numbers and dates will be the series of “threes,” “fives “and “sixes.” You should endeavour to carry out your plans on the following dates: the 3ʳᵈ, 5ᵗʰ, 6ᵗʰ, 12ᵗʰ, 14ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 23ʳᵈ, 24ᵗʰ and 30ᵗʰ.      

Your fortunate colours are all light shades, with a combination of mauve, violet, orchid or violet-purple.               

Your “lucky" jewels are diamonds, all glistening stones and amethysts. 

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ, 48ᵗʰ, 57ᵗʰ, 66ᵗʰ and 75ᵗʰ.


If born on September 30ᵗʰ you will be at the commencement of the incoming Sign of Libra. You will have the same qualities of the other Number Three dates in September, but if anything more fortunate.


You will be likely to be much attracted to persons born on dates making the series of “three, five or six” in any month of the year.


*  Field Marshal Lord Roberts was esteemed by all as one of the bravest men in the British Army. He called on me one day to ask, if I knew of any means whereby he could get over his fear of "Cats." A cat in any house he visited made him break out into a cold perspiration. It was a strange idiosyncrasy that ran through the whole of his life.

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