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You and your star!


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September 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ, 28ᵗʰ


Persons born on September 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ, 28ᵗʰ.

Number 1 people in this month.

If you were born on any of the above dates, following the rules of Zodiacal Astrology combined with my system based on Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibration of the Sun, Uranus and Mercury in the House of Mercury (Negative) Second House of the Triplicity of Earth.                                     

The basic foundation of your character and disposition is described in previous pages for persons born in September. In your special case the effect of these planets and numbers will be more fortunate than otherwise.          

The Sun, in the Sign of Virgo, together with Uranus and Mercury (Negative) will endow you with a very active mind capable of assimilating knowledge easily.                                                 

You will be contemplative, an earnest student of nature and very industrious in whatever work or study you may take up.


You will have a good command of language, also a love of beauty in every shape or form, but will be likely to have great difficulty in finding your true vocation. You will attempt many things and may have to wait until about middle life, or past it, before you get your feet set solidly on the course you will eventually pursue.   

You will have a considerable desire to gain wealth, but in spite of your keen brain you will all through your earlier years have great difficulty in accumulating it.                                      

Your chief fault will be that you easily get restless, dissatisfied and discontented and allow yourself to worry too much.


You should endeavour to develop concentration of mind, gain belief in yourself and your purpose and not allow any delay or discouragement to prevent the carrying out of your plans. If you work along these lines with the exceptional brain power indicated by your sign of birth, you will in the long run be bound to meet with more success than falls to the lot of most people.                                                                                        



As a rule you will come under very favourable conditions for making money.     

You will easily inspire confidence from others and be pushed by them into positions of trust and responsibility.


If making money on your own account, you will be fortunate in investments and in creating industries or businesses.




If born on the 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ or 28ᵗʰ of September, you may expect good health and vitality, but to keep perfectly well you should have as much fresh air and exercise as possible. You are not intended by nature to live in cramped surroundings or to have an indoor existence.                                                          

As you are a “Number One” person your important dates will be the 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, I9ᵗʰ, and 28ᵗʰ; while the “five” and its series will also play an important role.                                                     

Your “lucky” colours are all light shades, especially those of pale yellow, gold, orange and light sapphire blue.


Your “lucky” jewels are the diamond, topaz and sapphire.           

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ, 28ᵗʰ, 37ᵗʰ, 46ᵗʰ, 55ᵗʰ, 64ᵗʰ and 73ʳᵈ.


You will find yourself much attracted to persons born in the series 1, 4, 2and 7, such as the 1ˢᵗ, 2ⁿᵈ, 4ᵗʰ, 7ᵗʰ, 10ᵗʰ, 11ᵗʰ, 13ᵗʰ, 16ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 22ⁿᵈ, 25ᵗʰ,28ᵗʰ, 29ᵗʰ and 31ˢᵗ in any month of the year.       


*  I met Sir Roger Casement at the outbreak of the Great War. 1914. He was then on his way to Germany to further plans for German troops to land in the South of Ireland to help the Sinn Feiners in their struggle against England. I warned him that I could see nothing but disaster before him in which in the end he would lose his life. He laughed at my forebodings, saying: “Germany could not be defeated.” He was landed from a German submarine on the coast of Ireland in March, 1916; was arrested and taken prisoner to the Tower of London, where he was hanged for treason on the morning of August 3, 1916.                                                                                                         

** I came in contact several times with Field Marshal Sir John French during the time he was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Many attempts were made to kill him during the Sinn Fein days, but he led a charmed life and always escaped.

*** Clemenceau, the Premier of France during the Great War, in spite of his rugged manner had another side to his character which very few people knew. He was passionately fond of music, with a strong leaning towards mysticism. He often had me out to supper in a restaurant in Montmartre, where Hungarian music was the specialty, but the evening never passed without his putting the same question to me that he had asked so often: “Do you still assure me, my friend, that I will live to be an old man and die peacefully in my bed?'

He had his wish, he passed through many dangers when he insisted on visiting the trenches during the War. This great man of France, who in 1917 formed his “Victory Cabinet,” was born September 28, 1841, died in 1929 in his 88ᵗʰ year.

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