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You and your star!


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August 9ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ, 27ᵗʰ.


Persons born on August 9ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ, 27ᵗʰ.

Number 9 people in this month.

If y o u were born on any of the above dates, following the rules of Zodiacal Astrology combined with my system based on Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibrations of Mars, the Sun and Uranus in the Sign of Leo, Second House of the Triplicity of Fire.                                                                                      

The basic foundation of your character and disposition is described in previous pages for persons born in August. In your special case the effect of the above planets and number will be very marked all through your career.


The effect of Mars in this Sign of Leo, the House of the Sun, will give you great force of energy, but is likely to make you very impulsive in all your actions.


You will be inclined to be rather hasty in words, too frank and outspoken, quick in temper and prone to make enemies by your headstrong actions.


You will be extremely independent in character, will chafe against any form of restraint or being dictated to in any way.


You will have a keen sense of justice, law and order, and as a general rule will take the part of the “underdog” in all disputes.


You will be very conscientious and insist on straight dealing from others; of an enterprising spirit you will lean towards taking on too many burdens on your shoulders and unless you practice control and husband your reserve forces you will wear yourself out and not reach the average span of life.

You will find your best sphere of usefulness in taking over xxxx responsibility in business or in the domain of municipal affairs, xxxxxx politics, government or in connection with military matters.         

You must expect to meet many “ups and downs” in what xxxxx xx cessation . You are of effort likely where at times you to fill willhig apparently xx positions not and fit ininother vith ;,he trend ds com of events.


In all you do, consciously or unconsciously you will be inclined to arouse much enmity and opposition to your plans. You will be likely to create bitter enemies whose hostility will be life-long.           

At heart you will be really magnanimous and generous, but unable to show these qualities while the fighting lasts. When the opponent is “down and out” you will be quite likely to help him or her back on their feet.


You may expect to have to cope with many unusual situations, danger to your life from violence, also from fire, explosions and firearms. You are prone to meet with accidents causing injury to the bead and lower extremities, but the greatest likelihood of death will come from syncope or heart failure caused by overwork.


You will be likely to have many odd love affairs, secret alliances and romantic episodes, but generally with the wrong people and nearly always with some element of danger attached to them.         

You will be fond of all strenuous sports and adventures full of risk and daring. You should also have much ability in handling machines and dealing with them and in inventions connected with such things.

You should cultivate those in high rank or in positions superior to your own. Your greatest troubles will come from inferiors and servants.




During your early years you will meet with many difficulties and disappointments in money matters, but from about your 36ᵗʰ year you will be likely to be very successful in business organizations and finance generally. You should avoid all forms of speculation in stocks and shares.                                            



You will have a strong vigorous constitution, but one subject to sudden rise of temp*'ratine and an inclination towards fevers; sprain or injury to the back isijKcly tog' thci with a tendency to have many accidents, also injury to the feet and limbs •iiic cumber of Mars—“the nine”—together with the “one” (the Sun) will be the most fortunate numbers for you to act under, such as the 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ,28ᵗʰ and the xxxxxxxxxxx 27ᵗʰ.


Your “lucky” colour* will be all shades of red, rose or crimson, from the lightest to the darkest shades; also gold, yellow, orange to golden browns.                                                               

Your “lucky” jewels are rubies, garnets, bloodstones, diamonds and topaz.         

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 9ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ, 27ᵗʰ, 36ᵗʰ, 45ᵗʰ, 54ᵗʰ, 63ʳᵈ and 72ⁿᵈ.    

You will be much attracted to persons born on the series of the “nine,” such as the 9ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ or 27ᵗʰ in any part of the year, also to those in the aeries of the “one” such as the 1ˢᵗ, 10ᵗʰ, 19ᵗʰ or 28ᵗʰ of any month.


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