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You and your star!


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“Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

                                          PSALMS: CHAPTER XC, V. 12.

“It is the Stars. The Stars above us govern our conditions.”

                                               _(Shakespeare) King Lear, ACT IV




The zodiacal influence for the month of May in general. Its effect on the character, disposition, finance and health of persons born in this period of the year.

The Zodiacal Sign of Taurus, which governs the month of May, commences on April 19ᵗʰ, but for seven days being overlapped by the “cusp” of the previous Sign, it does not come into its full power until April 26ᵗʰ. From this date onward it is in full force until May 20ᵗʰ. It is then for seven days, gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the “cusp” of the incoming Sign of Gemini, whose ruler is Mercury (Positive).


Persons born in this part of the year come under the symbol of Taurus, the Bull, which is also called the House of Venus, (Positive). This is one of the Fixed Signs of the Zodiac, the First Triplicity of Earth.


It bestows, as its name implies, fixed strong characteristics, great tenacity of purpose and obstinate determination. Persons born under its rule, after the 21ˢᵗ of May, lose a good deal of these headstrong qualities on account of their coming under the “cusp” of the approaching Sign of Gemini—the First Triplicity of Air. The earlier dates in May are consequently more positive in character than the latter ones.


In some points of disposition this is one of the most contradictory of all the Signs of the Zodiac.

Persons born in this part of the year, namely from April 19ᵗʰ to May 20ᵗʰ,and in the “cusp” to May 27ᵗʰ, have the characteristics of Taurus, the Bull, and are more or less plodding and patient, except when roused by anger or injustice.


They are unyielding in their determination and are often called “bull-headed” and obstinate. If, however, love enters their life, they become the most easily influenced of all types, but only by that person who has aroused the affectionate side of their nature.                                                                                          

They are noted for their power of endurance, both physically and mentally, and can stand any strain as long as their determination lasts.


They are extremely social and are never happier than when entertaining their friends, or those they love. They make splendid hosts or hostesses; they have great taste about food, and in an emergency make excellent cooks. They are artistic in their homes, wonderful in their arrangement of furniture and making things appear well. They have a strong sense of dramatic appearance, they dress and “look the part” and can fill to perfection any role on life’s stage they may be called on to play.                                                                                                     

As a rule they are often considered richer than they really are, and are more or less showy in everything they do.


They are governed largely by their emotions and sensations, but affection has a greater hold on them than passion.


The men of this type usually have broad shoulders, thick necks and large foreheads. The women have large breasts and, as a rule, small hands and feet.


If either sex, love, they are generous in giving to the last degree. They consider no sacrifice too great for the person they care for, but if they hate, they will fight with bull-headed obstinacy to the death.


As a rule they fight honourably and openly, for this reason they often get the worst of it at the commencement, but if their blood is once aroused, they do not know what surrender means.


They are peculiarly sensitive to their surroundings and often become morbid or melancholy when forced to live under poor or unfavourable conditions. Neither the men or the women in this Sign should marry early; their first love affair or marriage is generally a mistake, but as a rule they develop early and marry early.


Both sexes are inclined to be jealous in their affections and their jealousy drives them into unreasoning acts or violent fits of temper which they bitterly regret when the passion is over. 

They forgive at the slightest show of feeling or kindness and this side of their nature makes them do all kinds of things that the world calls stupid.


As leaders in any cause they inspire love and devotion and often have great responsibility forced upon them.


They have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and colour and often succeed well in music, poetry and art, but curiously enough they usually lack the “money ..e" to make the most of their qualities or talents, except those born on certain dates which will be explained later.                                                         

Those born in this Sign make the most faithful loyal friends, also excellent public servants, officials or heads in government positions, or in the Army or Navy.                                                

They also make good patient nurses, healers and almost all have a keen love of gardening, flowers and outdoor life.




As a general rule this is a favourable part of the year to be born in as far as the getting of money is concerned. This Zodiacal period of the year promises gain through cooperation, partnerships, associations as well as through marriage.  

The Venus influence of this part of the year, however, tends towards the generous love nature to be imposed on and some cruel experiences in helping others may be expected.      

A strong desire to get money and possess wealth is one of the underlying qualities of persons born in this part of the year, but this desire is actuated not so much from selfish reasons, but in order to be in a position to live well and help those they love.


The women born in this part of the year generally “marry well” as far as money is concerned, but there is usually more than one marriage in the run of their lives.                                         

Women in this Sign often exhibit considerable business ability and power of organisation, and yet with it all, never losing sight of the artistic which is one of the basic characteristics of their nature.


For both sexes everything to do with the opening up, exploiting and developing of lands, mines and minerals, appears to be especially in their favour. Building schemes, even the management of properties, such as hotels, restaurants and such like enterprises are also good and bring them success.       



The planet Venus, ruling this question for those born in this part of the year, gives an abundance of vitality, which should be guided into the proper channels and given out for the benefit of others, otherwise it is inclined to consume itself and develop morbid conditions. The chief danger to health in such cases, comes through inertia and self-indulgence. Some liability to dropsy may be likely towards the end of life, therefore great discretion in diet is advisable. The kidneys, throat and generative system will be liable to disorders when health fails. Such persons should use temperance in all things and avoid indulgence in wines, strong drinks and over-rich foods.    

Persons born in this Sign of the Zodiac have a tendency to suffer with all things that affect the nasal cavities and upper part of the lungs. They are inclined to have inflammation of the throat, tonsillitis, diphtheria, polypus in the nose and nasal catarrh.                                                                                                    

Under the strain of over-work, the heart is more or less affected; they have fainting spells for no apparent reason and often a tendency for “blood to the head” or apoplexy. Their flesh is easily bruised and they are liable to tumours and internal growths, especially if forced to live in damp places or wet climates.




They will find their most harmonious relationships with persons born in their own Sign (Taurus) April 19ᵗʰ to May 20ᵗʰ, First House of Earth. August 21ˢᵗ to September 20ᵗʰ (Virgo), Second House of Earth. December 21ˢᵗ to January 20ᵗʰ (Capricorn), Third House of Earth, and in the seven days of the “cusp” at the beginning or ending of each of these periods. Also persons born in the month of the year the opposite to their own, in this case from October 21ˢᵗ to November 20ᵗʰ - 27ᵗʰ.

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