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You and your star!


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“Are not the least as the greatest of created things, distinguished from one another by their quantities, qualities dimensions and forces, —all the attributes engendered by Number?”—Balzsac.



The zodiacal influence for the month of April in general. Its effect on the character, disposition, finance and health of persons born in this period of the year.

The Zodiacal Sign of Aries, which governs the month of April, commences on March 21ˢᵗ, but for seven days being overlapped by the “cusp” of the previous sign it does not come into its full power until about March 27ᵗʰ. From this date onward it is in full force until April 19ᵗʰ. It is then for seven days gradually losing strength on account of becoming overlapped by the “cusp” of the incoming Sign of Taurus, “House of Venus.”


People born in this part of the year, namely from March 21ˢᵗ to April 19ᵗʰ and in the “cusp” to April 26ᵗʰ, are endowed with strong will power, determination and obstinacy of purpose. They are born fighters in every sense of the word.


They have, as a rule, great ability as organizers, either in large businesses or in the organisation of large masses of people.


They are intensely independent in work and must have things done their own way. If subjected to interference they often “step out” and let “the other fellow” take their place.         

As far as material success or power is concerned, there are no heights persons born in this Sign cannot reach—provided they “keep their head.” Success, however, is often their undoing, praise and flattery are inclined to make them have “swelled heads." In such conditions they do not “see straight" and by obstinate, arrogant actions in many cases bring about their own undoing.


They are endowed with great mental energy, full of new schemes and original plans for anything they are interested in. They are self-willed and nothing but hard facts and reason will make them see things in any light but their own.


They are inclined to lack caution, being by their nature impulsive and quick in thought and action.


They generally go to extremes in all things, are too frank and outspoken and inclined to make enemies by want of tact. They are extremely ambitious; as a rule they succeed in life and either amass money or gain positions of responsibility.


The lower type of this Sign will stick at nothing to accomplish their purpose.       

As masters they are brutal and tyrannical and often meet a violent death. The higher types are good masters, but at the same time severe in discipline and more or less exacting in the service they demand from others.


Both classes have a distinct desire to peer into the future, perhaps because they are impatient for things to develop. They are inclined to prophesy what will take place and often are very gifted in this direction.                

They desire to be looked up to and regarded as “the head," both in their homes, in their businesses and in their careers.                                                                                                                      

As a general rule the men born in this part of the year suffer a great deal through their affections; they seldom understand women and often make great mistakes in their relationships with them.


For both sexes their greatest happiness comes from work and the overcoming of obstacles.


This part of the Zodiac, the House of Mars {Positive), is also called the “House of Exaltation of the Sun," which helps to focus all the fire, energy and fearlessness of the planet Mars upon the character and Destiny.


Mars, the ancient symbol of War and Action, strongly influences persons born in April, making the- combative element predominate. As a rule they fight their way through all obstacles, countering many dangers and experiencing many changes in their life and careers.                                                    

Essentially positive, forceful and heroic, the character is one of exceptional strength; they are as a rule optimistic in times of adversity and rise to the call of almost any emergency. If really aiming at success they should restrain their impulsiveness, for there is a strong tendency to rush recklessly into the fray without questioning the justice of the dispute; thus they frequently fight on the wrong side. Their decisions are generally made on impulse and the ultimate invariably sacrificed for the immediate.


It is not exactly a want of foresight, but the desire of the moment that inclines to carry them away. At the same time, though it may seem paradoxical, they are born leaders, organisers, practical, enterprising and ambitious, always in the van of progress and the first to support a new idea.                      

Their natures revolt against all forms of convention and discipline. Their domestic life, as a general rule, does not turn out very happily unless they have the good luck to meet a partner who readily gives in to their plans and wishes.


But, as far as material success is concerned, there is no height such persons cannot attain through their determination, executive ability and splendid powers of organisation.        



Persons born in April, being governed by the planet Mars, in the House of “the exaltation of the Sun,” have usually good earning ability, but tend to large or extravagant ideas in monetary matters. They can be very practical where the management of others is concerned, but there is a strong tendency to impulsive action in all important matters and they are apt to rush recklessly into any big financial scheme that presents itself to their notice. Owing to their innate lavishness and large ideas, they are often liable to sudden and heavy losses and fluctuation of fortune.     

They are very determined in the acquisition of wealth, but they gain more by judicious investments, industry and business than by actual luck.


Persons born in April are much inclined to be involved in litigation and quarrels that promote law suits and in such matters, as a general rule, they are not fortunate.                                   



The strong influence of Mars in such persons’ lives, gives-them a magnificent physical store of health and energy, though their very excess of vitality is a danger and most of their maladies will be induced by overwork. Their headstrong tendency to carry an enterprise through in wholly adverse circumstances or at an unsuitable time, is responsible for frequent disappointments, which result in irritation and impatience, inducing brain fag or nervous exhaustion, which maybe the precursors of gastric and stomach derangements.


They cannot be too careful in their habits and should live quietly, never exceeding temperate limits. They will always be more or less liable to feverish and inflammatory troubles. They should take vigorous daily exercise in the open air and avoid taking alcohol or any exciting drugs for their emotional nature wants controlling instead of stimulating.


Everything connected with the head is inclined to suffer more than any other part of the body; pain in the teeth, ears and eyes, rushes of blood to the head, headaches and danger of apoplexy. Persons born in this Sign seldom get through life without receiving cuts, wounds or blows to the head, either from accidents or violence.


They are also much inclined to suffer from the stomach, kidneys and liver.          

They are liable to gall stones, and trouble with the bladder and usually have a great deal of experience of the surgeon’s knife.


MARRIAGE, UNIONS, PARTNERSHIPS, ETC.                               

They will find their most harmonious relationships with persons born in their own Sign (Aries), March 21ˢᵗ to April 19ᵗʰ, 1ˢᵗ House of Fire. July 21ˢᵗ to August 20ᵗʰ the Sign of Leo, 2ⁿᵈ House of Fire. November 21ˢᵗ to December 20ᵗʰ the Sign of Sagittarius, 3ʳᵈ House of Fire and in the seven days of the “cusp” at the beginning or ending of each of these periods; also persons born in the part of the year the exact opposite of their own—in this case the 21ˢᵗ of September to the 21ˢᵗ of November.


It must be borne in mind that from October 21ˢᵗ to November 21ˢᵗ- 28ᵗʰ is the House of Mars (Negative), which is the reason that persons born from March21ˢᵗ to April 19ᵗʰ-27ᵗʰ (Mars Positive) are generally much attracted to those born under Mars (Negative).

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