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You and your star!


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January 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ, 24ᵗʰ


Persons born on January 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ, 24ᵗʰ.

Number 6 people in this month

If you wore born on any one of the above dates, following the rules of Astrology and my system of Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibrations of the planets Venus and Saturn in the Zodiacal Sign of Capricorn, House of Saturn, (Positive) Third House of the Triplicity of Earth.                    

The foundation of your character and disposition will be that described in preceding pages for persons born in January, but in your case the influence of the planet Venus will make such indications more favourable for you.


Matters of love, marriage and affection will play a very important role in your life and you will be greatly swayed by such things.


The influence of persons of your opposite sex will cause your life and career to be very eventful. You should endeavour to develop your own strong will and individuality in order not to be submerged by such influences, but, as a general rule, you will gain considerably by your magnetic personality.          

You would succeed best in businesses or professions dealing with the public, but of an artistic nature, such as music, art, literature, the theatre and inventions on not ordinary lines.


In your earlier years you will be likely to be kept back by home conditions or the demands of relatives, also through illness relating to the internal organs of the body.                            

The indications are that you will, in the end, surmount all such obstacles and become successful in whatever career you decide to make your own.


If you were born on the 15ᵗʰ or 24ᵗʰ of January you will come under more fortunate conditions than those governing the 6ᵗʰ. You may have equal difficulties to meet with in your early years, but you will more easily surmount them and gain fame and reputation by whatever you set your mind on to accomplish.




Those bon on January 6ᵗʰ will not be inclined to hoard up money no matter what their opportunities may be, but those born on the 15ᵗʰ or 24ᵗʰ will slowly but steadily build up and strengthen their financial position. They will make good provision for their future and have every likelihood of becoming wealthy.




If you were born on January 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ or 24ᵗʰ, you may expect more than the average amount of good health all through your life. You will have danger from fire and such things as motor cars and should keep yourself and your property well insured.


Your most important numbers and dates are the “six” and all its series, such as the 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ and 24ᵗʰ.      

You should endeavour to carry out anything important for yourself on dates making these series.


You should act very carefully on dates making a “four” or an “eight”, or any of their series, which are the 4ᵗʰ, 8ᵗʰ, 13ᵗʰ, 17ᵗʰ, 22ⁿᵈ, 26ᵗʰ, and 3Ist.                                                                            

To increase your magnetic vibrations and so make yourself more fortunate, you should wear constantly the colours of the planet Venus, which are all shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest.       

Your “lucky” jewels arc the turquoise and all blue stones.            

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ, 24ᵗʰ, 33ʳᵈ, 42ⁿᵈ, 51ˢᵗ, 60ᵗʰ and 69ᵗʰ.    

You will find a strong magnetic attraction to persons born on dates making a “six” in any month of the year, such as the 6ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ and 24ᵗʰ. People born on “fours” and “eights” will be much drawn into your life and affairs, but as a rule their burdens and troubles will come on your shoulders.


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