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You and your star!


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JANUARY 2ⁿᵈ, 11ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 29ᵗ


PERSONS BORN ON JANUARY 2ⁿᵈ, 11ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 29ᵗʰ.

Number 2 People in This Month

I f y o u were born on any of the above dates, following the rules of Astrology and my system based on Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibrations of the Moon and Neptune in the Zodiacal Sign of Capricorn, House of Saturn( Positive ) Third House of the Triplicity of Earth.

The foundation of your character and disposition is described in previous pages for persons born in January, but the Moon and Neptune will give you a more gentle, imaginative and intuitional nature than the majority of people born in January, as previously described. You will be inclined to become despondent if things do not go the way you want, and shrink into yourself at the approach of opposition or any rough action by others. You will be over-sensitive and inclined to be too easily hurt and wounded.

You are likely to succeed in gifts of the imagination more than by any hard and fast business methods. You will have “day-dreams” of the high positions your ambitions force you to claim. Your dreams are likely to become realities if you develop self -confidence in all you undertake. Being extremely sensitive, you crave for encouragement to force you to make the best out of your faculties. You will be restless and unhappy if tied down by circumstances for you must have liberty to carry out your visions.


You will not be fond of money except as “a means to an end.” You will have a curious feeling of being above it, knowing that by your brains you can always gain what you want. You will be considered more rich than you really are. It will hurt your sensitive nature to refuse any demand and for this reason you may at times become impoverished in attempting to keep up your position in the world. In spite of this, your natural tendency is to be cautious in money.

Yon will be inclined by overwork mentally, to “take too much out oi yourself,” and to bring on a breakdown of the nervous system, but if so the least “letup” or rest will restore you to good health. You are likely to become a great believer in some special form of diet which will be greatly to your advantage. You should guard yourself against all forms of gout and rheumatism and live in a dry climate if possible. You may at times expect some trouble with your eyes. Also weakness, delicacy or curvature of the spine.

Your most important numbers are the “two,” which represents the Moon, and the “seven,” which represents Neptune.

You should endeavour to carry out everything important for yourself on dates that make these numbers, or any one of their series, such as the 2ⁿᵈ, 7ᵗʰ,11ᵗʰ, 16ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 25ᵗʰ and 29ᵗʰ in any month.

To increase your magnetic vibrations and make yourself more fortunate, you should wear constantly, or in some part of your clothing, the colours of the Moon and Neptune, which are:

The Moon: All shades of white, cream and pale green.

Neptune: All shades of dove-grey from the lightest to the darkest.

Your “lucky” jewels are jade, pearls, moonstones or cat’s-eyes.

The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 7ᵗʰ, 11ᵗʰ, 16ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 25ᵗʰ, 29ᵗʰ, 34ᵗʰ, 38ᵗʰ, 43ʳᵈ, 47ᵗʰ, 52ⁿᵈ, 56ᵗʰ, 61ˢᵗ, 65ᵗʰ, 70ᵗʰ and 74ᵗʰ.

You will find a magnetic attraction to persons born on dates making a “two” or a “seven” in any part of the year, such as the 2ⁿᵈ, 7ᵗʰ, 11ᵗʰ, 16ᵗʰ, 20ᵗʰ, 25ᵗʰ and 29ᵗʰ.

The First of these “Number Twos” in Capricorn, commenced on the 29ᵗʰof December. The Right Honourable W. E. Gladstone is a good example of a “Number Two” person born in this Sign. He had extraordinary mental intellect, but although one of the greatest statesmen England ever had, he never became a rich man. At the interview he gave me at his home, Hawarden Castle, on August 3ʳᵈ, 1897, he expressed the deep interest he took in my Study of Numbers.


I met Lord Curson when he first commenced his political life and indicated the brilliant successful career that lay before him. He was particularly interested in my telling him of the curvature of his spine which was to afflict him all through his years. He told me what very few people, knew, of the steel corset he was compelled to wear continuously. This made him appear stiff and ill at ease, which caused many to misjudge him. After the death of his American wife, Mary Leiter of Chicago, he called for me to come to his house in London, where he reviewed in detail my prediction to her of “a brilliant marriage to a man of another nationality, by whom she would hold a position like that of a Queen in a far off land. This came true when she became Vice-reine of India.

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