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You and your star!


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December 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ.


Persons born on December 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ.

Number 3 people in this month.

If you were born on any of the above dates, following the rules of Zodiacal Astrology and my system based on Chaldean Numerology, you come under the vibrations of Jupiter and the Sun in the Zodiacal Sign of Sagittarius, Third, House of the Triplicity of Fire.                                                                                     


The basic foundation of your character and disposition is described in preceding pages for persons born in December. The 30ᵗʰ of December, although also a number three, being in the Sign of Capricorn, House of Saturn, (Positive), does not come under the same classification, and will be explained later.  


Persons born on the 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, or 21ˢᵗ of December are classed as “Number Three” people in the House of Jupiter, (Positive), and consequently come under a “double Jupiter” in this month.              


This is one of the most powerful combinations in the Zodiac.     


Persons born on these dates should expect to meet with considerable success in whatever their career may be, and start out as leaders in whatever community they may happen to belong.


Among other things, they make splendid organizers, especially in political movements, they generally receive honours, awards and high positions of responsibility in the course of their lives.   


They also make excellent contractors, builders and designers of railways, transport, shipping, or as heads of industrial concerns.                                                                                                 


If induced to go into any form of government life, they rise to hold distinguished positions but of great responsibility.


Some of those born on the above dates have a mystical side to their nature and a strong religious undertone, or they may be the very reverse and become antagonistic to all forms of creeds.


They are all great believers in the power of the pen and often establish newspapers and high-class periodicals, or issue some form of printed propaganda to advocate their own particular views.


In spite of their splendid abilities, in advanced years they are liable to see the fortunes they have made dissolve before their eyes, without their being able to prevent such a misfortune.




I have said enough previously to show how successful such persons can be, but I must warn them, in the heyday of their prosperity, to put aside money for the change which is likely to affect them after they approach about fifty years of age.                                                                                                                     




As a rule, these persons have splendid physical constitutions and suffer very little from illness of any kind up to the age of about sixty. At this date a change generally begins to show itself, and if they do not lessen their responsibilities, the nervous system will begin to break down, in many cases bringing on some form of paralysis affecting the spine, arms, hands and brain.


If you were born on the 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ or 21ˢᵗ of December, your important numbers come under the series of the “three”, with its secondary or interchangeable numbers of “six and nine”. The series of 3-6-9 has been called “the spinal cord of the number system.”


Your best dates in any month to make your plans and engagements, are the3ʳᵈ, 6ᵗʰ, 9ᵗʰ, 12ᵗʰ, 15ᵗʰ, 18ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 24ᵗʰ, 27ᵗʰ and 30ᵗʰ.


You should wear in some part of your clothing the colours belonging to Jupiter: All shades of mauve, violet and violet-purple.


Venus: All shades of blue, from the lightest to the darkest.         


Mars: All shades of crimson, red or rose.


If you were born on December 30ᵗʰ, you come under Jupiter in Capricorn, House of Saturn, (Positive), and the number “three” and “eight” will be of more importance to you.       


Your “lucky” jewels are specially the amethyst and all purple or violet coloured stones. Next to these will come the turquoise, also rubies, garnets and all red stones.                  


If born on December 30ᵗʰ you should not use the red stones, but should substitute dark sapphires in their place.


The most important or climacteric years in your life are the 3ʳᵈ, 12ᵗʰ, 21ˢᵗ, 30ᵗʰ, 39ᵗʰ, 48ᵗʰ, 57ᵗʰ, 66ᵗʰ and 75ᵗʰ.


You will be attracted to persons born in the series of the "three, six and nine", but if born on December 30ᵗʰ, it will be the “three" and “eight" series that will attract you the most.


*  Paul Bern, the well known motion picture executive, was one of the kindest and most lovable men I ever met. He wanted me to make a series of films showing the hands of the interesting people I had come in contact with, but for some unknown reason his firm, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, at the last moment turned his plan down.    

Paul Bern was born at Wanderbeck, Germany. He came to New York when nine years of age, first went on the stage and later became a dramatist. He was one of the outstanding bachelors in Hollywood until he met Jean Harlow. After a rapid courtship they married in September1932, but a few weeks later, for some mysterious reason, he committed suicide.  

When I first read his hands in the Spring of 1927, I warned him of his peculiarly sensitive disposition, that marriage would be fatal to him and he had better leave it alone. He laughed at my suggestion, saying: “It is the last thing that would enter my mind.” Yet five years later his marriage to Jean Harlow was one of the sensations of Hollywood.

** I met Lord Leighton the celebrated painter when as Sir Frederick Leighton, he had just been elected President of the Royal Academy, one of the highest honours that an English artist can achieve. He gave me signed impressions of his own beautifully shaped hands, which can be seen in my books on the subject, dated in his own characteristic writing—8-7-94.

*** Dom Keane, who made such a success in that remarkable play “Romance,” which had one of the longest runs of any production of recent years, in a letter dated November 3ʳᵈ, 1926, wrote:

“My dear ‘Cheiro’:

When you come to see “Romance” it will give me the greatest pleasure if you will come round to my dressing room and see me. I remember so well our conferences in years past—everything you predicted for me came true even to the exact dates, I have had your ‘Language of the Hand’ with me on many trains in many parts of the world. It is a remarkable book and has been a wonderful companion to me.

Most sincerely yours,

Doris Keane.”

**** Lilian Nordica, the famous American prima donna, was one of the passengers on the S.S. Paris on my first voyage to New York on September 22ⁿᵈ, 1893. After a few days out at sea she asked me to come to tea in her state room to meet Giovani Perugini, a celebrated tenor, also on his way to New York.

Perugini was in a most distressed state of mind. He had just announced o Nordica that on arrival in the great American metropolis, he intended to give up his career, retire from the world and enter a monastery. After examining his hands I told him he was going to do the very opposite, that within a few months he would become engaged to a woman in his own profession, marry her in six months and be divorced inside of a year.

“A little rapid even for the States,” Nordica laughed, but that was exactly what happened. As everyone knows, the great tenor on landing was engaged to sing in Lillian Russell’s company at the Casino; in a few months he married “the golden haired goddess of the American stage”; in less than six months the marriage was over and inside of a year a divorce was agreed on by this curiously ill-mated pair.

A few months after his arrival in New York, Perugini called on me and wrote in my Visitors' Book, the following:

“‘Cheiro’s’ remarkable predictions when crossing the Atlantic in September, ‘93, on the S.S. Paris, were not alone curious, hut have been verified to the letter.

(Signed) “Giovani Perugini, New York, 25ᵗʰ January, 1894.”

As I have related earlier in these pages, it was Madame Nordica who gave me the heavy silver cigarette case that saved my life when an unknown man attempted to stab me in my rooms a year later.

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