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You and your star!


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I gave my heart to seek and search out by Wisdom, concerning all things that are done under heaven; this sore travail has God given to the sons of men to be exercised therewith.

                                                   ECCL, I, v, 13.




The zodiacal influence for the month of November in general. Its effect on the character, disposition, finance and health of persons born in this period of the year.

The Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio, Second House of the Water Triplicity whose ruler is Mars, (Negative) commences on October 21ˢᵗ, but for seven days, being overlapped by the “cusp” of the previous Sign, it does not come into its full power until on or about October 28ᵗʰ. From this date onwards it is in full strength until November 20ᵗʰ, and is then for seven days gradually losing its force on account of becoming overlapped by the “cusp” of the incoming Sign of Sagittarius.     

The Sign of Scorpio is represented by two Symbols—that of the Scorpion and the Eagle.              

Persons born in this part of the year, namely from October 21ˢᵗ to November 20ᵗʰ, and in the “cusp” to November 28ᵗʰ, are either extremely good or extremely bad. They either take after the qualities of the Scorpion or those of the Eagle.


Up to about twenty-one years of age, they are generally extremely pure minded, virtuous and religious, but if their sex-nature is aroused, they often swing in the opposite direction, and yet some of the most noble of the human species have been born in this Sign.                                                                       

All are, however, intensely emotional, which is the keynote of their nature in all its phases.        

Those born in this part of the year have unusual magnetic power, make excellent doctors, surgeons, healers, preachers and orators. In public life, they have great power over an audience and can sway it in any direction they please.


They have command of language, both in speaking and writing, and are intensely dramatic in their power of description.


Their greatest weakness is that they are by nature too adaptable to those with whom they are thrown into contact. In consequence, they often suffer from the faults of others.          

If they belong to the higher type of this Sign, they are at heart great humanitarians, extremely generous and self-sacrificing. In dangers and in sudden emergencies they are cool and resolute in action and can always be depended on in a crisis.


They have extremely original ideas in either business, politics, literature or anything that engages their minds, and are usually successful in whatever they undertake.                     

They suffer as a rule curious reverses of fortune; they are often strangely slandered by false rumours and stories circulated about them, and are more or less “Children of Fate” in the battle of life.              

They are mental fighters, more than on the physical side. They make good organizers if forced into warfare, but as a rule they detest bloodshed.


They are excellent as diplomats and negotiators in any form, and excel in settling other people's quarrels and bringing enemies together.


When they take more after the Scorpion Symbol of their Sign, in letters, writings or in speech, they can wound like the sting of a serpent, but as a rule on the slightest show of sorrow their anger is quickly over and they most readily forgive their enemies.                                                                                      

Both the best and the worst in this Sign are inclined in one way or another to lead some form of a “double life”—one for the eyes of the world—the other for themselves.               

When on the lower or more material plane, this tendency to lead a double life is more developed, in such cases they have been known to have a happy home life, apparently devoted to their wife and children, and at the same time keep up another establishment.                                                                    

On the higher plane, this peculiarity more affects their mental life, they generally follow two pursuits or two businesses and are often equally successful in both.                                  

Sooner or later, they usually become interested in occult matters; they readily develop intuitive power and quite often gain fame and distinction as writers, painters, poets or musicians. They are natural philosophers, deep students of nature and observe and analyze other persons’ characters extremely well They are generally loved and adored by those who know them, but there are very few born under this Sign who at some stage in their career escape from being attacked by some insidious form of calumny or scandal.                             

Persons born in this period generally have or make two sources of income.        

As a rule they go through a great deal of trouble, difficulty and often privation in their early years; but such trials seem to increase their will power and ambition and sooner or later success and fame nearly always crown their efforts.


Those born in this Sign of Scorpio are extremely hard workers in any profession or business in which they are associated. They do not spare themselves in any way. Their will power and determination forces them onward like a lash to take on work and still more work. They have good inventive ability and are resourceful in whatever they do.


They make able government servants, being particularly gifted in handling diplomatic situations or being engaged on secret missions. They often make successful detectives or police executives, having a peculiar instinct in unearthing crime.


Those born in the Sign of Scorpio also make good scientists, chemists or assayers, especially in everything concerning liquids. They have often an inclination to engage in dangerous enterprises such as the discovery of hidden treasure, lost mines and anything that relates to the mysterious, and often risk their lives in such pursuits.


The higher Scorpio type take a deep interest in all forms of occultism and psychical research, while the lower type incline toward association with the “under-world” and secret societies.              

The higher type usually marry well—they often gain riches by marriage or if they do not do this, at least they are inclined to mate with someone of their opposite sex who is on a high intellectual plane or who has made a name in the world for themselves.




In their early years persons born in Scorpio are usually delicate and pass through more than the average amount of childhood’s ailments. Their illnesses are generally related to the large intestine and excretory part of the system. They are liable to suffer from such things as fistula, haemorrhoids, inflammation of the bladder, dangers to the sex organs in both men and women, and trouble with the glands of the body.        

In pining through life they seldom escape from having some accident or permanent injury to their hands.


The upper part of the lungs is usually a weak spot, as is also the bronchial tubes.              

In all cases, persons born in Scorpio, after their twenty-first year, exhibit an extraordinary resistance to disease.




Persons born in this period of the year, as a rule experience the most unusual “ups and downs” of fortune. They are inclined to be too trustful and over hopeful. They are easily persuaded into schemes that have no solid foundation.


As their Sign in the Zodiac represents the Second House of the Water Triplicity, the symbolism of Water as an uncertain changeable element, seems to be the base of all their undertakings. They are also over-generous and inclined to be too lavish in their expenditure. They have little self defense against any appeal for help, especially if it comes from one of their opposite sex. Money seems “to burn in their pocket”; they may make it by their mental abilities but they seldom can hoard it up to any great extent.                                                                  

If circumstances permit them they will travel considerably and easily adapt themselves to new conditions and surroundings.




'Persons born in the Sign of Scorpio will find their most harmonious relationships with those born in their own period of the Zodiac, October 21ˢᵗ to November 20ᵗʰ, Second House of the Triplicity of Water. June 21ˢᵗ to July 20ᵗʰ, First House of the Water Triplicity, February 19ᵗʰ to March 20ᵗʰ, Third House of the Water Triplicity, and in the seven days of the “cusp” at the beginning or ending of each of these periods.                        

They are also much influenced by persons born in the part of the year the exact opposite in the Zodiac to their own, in this case people born between April and May 20-27ᵗʰ.

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