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14. Codes of incessant belligerence

Codes of incessant belligerence

In one of my earlier posts, I had depicted the social communication structure in a feudal language society thus:

This would give a picture of a regimentation as encoded in a military manner; with each dot representing one individual. However, this is not the actual scene. It may not be possible for me to define the feudal language social communication links by a simplistic picturing. For, there are various minor codes that might make the picture quite complicated, which cannot be properly accommodated in a planar visualisation.

A better manner of looking at individual links in a feudal language is given in the image below.

If P is a single person, he connects to various persons above him, by the Blue lines. He connects to various persons below him by the Red lines. It may be noted that this second picture is quite different from the first one. For, in the first one, there is a feudal hierarchy, in which the command route is routed through various layers of persons.

In the second picture, the main person P is linked directly to each entity without a link that moves through others.

Now, what is the unseen element in this picture are the words that do the link. The various YOU, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEM &c. As mentioned earlier, the person P uses the higher indicant words (blue) towards that higher than him. And uses the lower indicant words (red) to those below him.

In the second picture, you can see lower persons in varying levels. So also the higher persons are also in varying levels and distances. This variation in levels and distances are achieved by means of using varying levels of indicant words.

In that in certain feudal languages, there are more than one lower indicant words for YOU, HE, SHE &c. By means of using different levels of lower indicant words, the person P can arrange persons below him in varying levels. In fact, he can literally change their positions, without their concurrence. Which can literally create a boiling rage in a person who is thus superseded by another. To the person who has superseded him.

What has to be borne in mind is that by mere changing the indicant word codes, the various links can be shortened, lengthened, elevated or brought lower and much else.

Moreover, there is this concept also to be understood from the virtual software arena:

The word, for instance, YOU. It can change from the Lowest to the Medium, and then to the Highest.

Now, how does it change? For instance, the lowest form in South Indian peninsula languages is Nee. In North Indian peninsula languages, it isThoo.

Both these words have a value addition that moves from the lowest (tending to zero) to the highest (ten). When the value reaches Ten, the word changes to the higher indicant level. NEE/Thoo will change toNINGAL/THUM.

By changing the tone, facial expression, inserting a crude noise, inserting a soft tone, condescension etc. into the speech, the value addition or depreciation can be conveyed to the other person, and also to other persons in the vicinity.

Now, I would request the reader to superimpose the second image on to the first. In that, each of the individuals in the first image (shown as a dot) has to be replaced by the person P and his frill links.

Now this is more complicated and more realistic picture of a feudal language social system. Not only in so-called human beings, but possibly in so-called animals also, who might have feudal codes inside their communication systems.

Once this understanding has arrived, the reader has to understand that the location of the person P itself is not fixed. But in a state of continuous flux. By means of each and every word and usage used by the various others to whom he or she is connected to, he or she can be pulled and pushed to various locations.

Lowers levels are positions of various kinds of shackles, chains, restrains, limitations etc. Higher levels are their exact opposite. There is terror of the lower words. There is craving for the higher words. People would literally do anything to reach to a higher indicant word code level. Cheating, treachery, betrayal, sycophancy, bribe, terrorising, showing off, boasting, bluffing and much else. No one really sees anything wrong in these endeavours. For this is how the social machinery functions.

I had to write this much. For without this I wouldn’t be able to go into the next step of drawing a picture of a feudal language social system. As to how the various entities are arranged.

When England speaks of Multiculturalism, it is actually speaking of engineering the social system into a new design. However, to engage in this engineering without the basic knowledge of the various chips and stones that are going to be used, is a very foolish and dangerous endeavour.

When two people speak a language, they redesign the ambience as per the codes in that language. When it is feudal languages that are being spoken, English societies will feel a twisting torque of deformation.

If one can see through these code forces, it would be quite easy to understand that the black Africans who were sold as slaves into the US were actually entering into a domain of unusual freedom, when compared to their own brethrens who either stayed at home under their own feudal social masters, or were sold as slaves in Africa or Asia.

Moreover, without these kinds of information, it is quite a stupid action of English nations to enter into the various wars in feudal language nations. READ my: A different perspective on International Relationship.

Those who are interested in the realities of the slavery of the Indian peninsular region can read this chapter from NATIVE LIFE in TRAVANCORE by The REV. SAMUEL MATEER, F.L.S of the London Missionary Society; way back in the 1800s. I can vouch for the veracity of the information. For I have seen the vestiges of this social system in my own lifetime.

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