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13. Inserting codes of control & subordination in individuals

The words ‘language’, ‘word’, ‘expression’, ‘usage’, ‘colloquial’, ‘vernacular’ and some others do switch on certain buttons in my mind. It is like what a computer code is for a software mechanic. He or she can immediately visualise where the codes would create, what effects.

A few days back, I came across this news article on website: Alyssa Carson: Could this 13-year-old girl from Louisiana be the first human on Mars?

My reading was from a most disinterested platform, even though there is something I was arranging in my mind to write on, about the heinous hidden possibilities in allowing everyone to scramble on to Mars and outer-space. However, that theme is not connected to this news article. However, the words: QUOTE: Carson speaks Spanish, French and Chinese, END of QUOTE caught my attention.

Without any forethought, and more or less being triggered by my discussions on the various Continental European languages in my ancient book: March of the evil empires, (Part I Chapter 5) I wrote this much:

[QUOTE: Carson speaks Spanish, French and Chinese END of QUOTE

She speaks all the wrong languages.]

See the image below. My words were seen to create a few minus points. And naturally some bitter words. The feeling naturally would be that I was been too callous with my words. However that is not the truth.

The essential issue is, is bilingualism or multilingualism good?

From a very narrow perspective, it is good for the brain, in the same way as when a child is allowed to play a lot of computer games, outdoor activities, swimming, chess, problem solving, reacting to various experiences etc.

However, languages are software with quite a lot of codes and abilities. This statement can look quite insipid when viewed from planar languages like English. For, there are not much of these things in English, other than plain enhancement of human potential to their highest possible. In other languages, the possibilities are not for the highest alone, but for the creation of a lot of complicated levels of human existences.

Leave the above paragraph. Please hear out what I am going to mention next.

I need to go in the arena of social engineering here. It is like the issue of Abe Lincoln allowing all liberated black ‘slaves’ into the mainstream of a mixed White, mainly English speaking social system (containing Continental European languages also).

Did he ponder on the where all this would bring in confrontation of language codes which arranges all kinds of human relationships? My own opinion about this political leader is that he was quite mediocre, and did not really understand the depth and vastness of his actions. However, if he did have certain information, he could have done the whole mixing with more insights. So that all sections of the populations, including the native-English, continental European whites, and blacks could have derived much benefits. Without leading the social system astray, and to nonstop fuming grudges and grumblings.

I will take up the feudal languages of the Indian subcontinent. Before the English rule came, the social arrangement was like this:

Higher caste man and children [Highest YOU, Highest HE, SHE, HIM, HER, HIS, HERS – Avar, Adheham, Angunnu, Aap, Ningal, Ingal &c.]

The lower caste adult: [Lowest YOU, Lowest HE, SHE, HIM, HER, HIS, HERS – Avan, Oan, Oal, Avattakal, Aittingal, Nee, Thoo &c.]

Now, this is the basic two extreme levels. Highest & lowest in the communication.

In this social model, even the children of the higher financial / caste classes can instil degradation on both the adults as well as the children of the lower classes. And also, there is natural command and control. However, this was not seen as unnatural. For even in the current day Indian army, young officers use such words of degradation, control and command over their junior, ordinary soldiers of all age groups. It is only seen as the tool of all kinds of command, social, as well as military. [It may be mentioned in passing here, that when conditions turn doubtful, the command would break. Unless it can be enforced through terror).

In this model, anyone who can rise up to some kind of authority based on fear or something else can use these words, which bring in natural control. (or its very opposite, mutiny or rebellion).

The wider issue is that every person in the society is visualised in one of the two platforms. If two or more persons are there, they are seen in the varying platforms. Actually there can be more than two platforms, vertically.

Even though statutory caste system has been prohibited, this model is still in existence in areas, where any particular group has tremendous financial powers.

This machine of this model has a complicated actuality, which has a more terrible effect than mentioned here. I will leave that item for another write up.

The second model in the feudal language codes in this regard came up with the English rule. The English administrators, in their total ignorance of wider aspects of their doings, started giving education to the lower classes. And that too in many cases, English education. The social system went in for a change.

It can be understood that English rule did not bring in an English social system. But rather a feudal language social system, in which many lower persons went up, without being confined to their natural stations in life. And many went down, below their natural social stations.

In this new model, the factor of AGE came into prominence. It becomes like this:

This kind of communication or perspective of human existence is not possible to encode in ordinary pristine English. [However, Asian / African and other such Englishes can do this].

Now, I need to go into a personal detail. Living inside the Indian peninsula area, due to my understandings on language codes, I brought up my children in a pristine English ambience. That is, no vernacular was taught to them, nor was any vernacular ambience allowed to be created around them. In fact, they have only very brief knowledge of human degradation as well as ennobling possible through words. There is a huge history and many intense experiences connected to this endeavour. Let me not go into that for the time being.

Since my children communicate with me in pristine English, there is no issue of any kind of verbally encoded hierarchy between us. When others meet us, and speak to us in English also, we remain at the same platform.

However, when any person who has some kind of veneration for me, but who doesn’t know English, speaks to us, then they literally shift me to a very high celestial platform. And my children get placed to a platform which is much below their own platform. Here there is double issue. If the other person is a lowly person, the shift he or she is doing is of an unbearable kind. That of relocating my children to a very abominable level, below his or her social level.

If the other person is my equal, the shift downwards being inflicted on my children need not be much. It can be high also. But let me leave that part.

If the other person is superior to me, then again, there can be other kinds of verbal possibilities.

My children do not know vernacular, and they have been given the necessary idea that they should not even try to learn or understand the local vernacular. However, they can sense some part of the general negativity that comes from the tone, the facial expression, other body language expressions, as well as the eye language. (It is a fact that eyes can communicate degradation or ennobling). They do get distressed. However, they generally do not have much occasion to communicate with such persons. Since they have been English trainers from their childhood, they did not get to experience much of the negative verbal codes.

Here, what has to be mentioned is that even though my children can get disturbed, there could be nothing of distress to me. For I am venerated.

This is one issue that England would be facing. The persons who get displaced to the bottom get distressed. The others who are venerated are all happy and joyous about the celestial feel of the elevated location.

As an aside, I can mention here that most of so-called racial outbursts from the native-English side when accosted by feudal language speaking individuals are due to this issue. A sudden sensation that some eerie degrading is going on. There is no answer in modern psychology or psychiatry for the mental trauma connected to this, nor for the violent outburst that this can create. For, these mental sciences do not have any idea about these things. Nor much about how the brain software works.

It may be mentioned that people who are bred in a degraded social or communication slot, wouldn’t feel the terror. For, they are used to their graded degradation. However, persons of innate elevation would feel it. For instance, a senior Indian ‘officer’ will go homicidal if any lower level word is used to him/her or about him/her.

Naturally, native-English individuals have not been bred into a degraded slot since times immemorial. However, that has changed in the last four or five decades. I will write about this in another post.

Now let me come back to Alyssa Carson. Every individual’s life is unique. Life experiences are also unique. I do not know her nativity with regard to her parents and to her native language. However, the address of being from the US is a powerful one, and it connects directly to good quality English. However, knowing languages which have codes of a different variety has to be discerned from each language codes.

It depends on with whom she will be living in an outer space location. If it is good quality English speaking group, it has one specific effect. If it is with, say, Chinese speakers, then again, her knowing that language could place her in a particular communication location. Actually, the location would be a sort of trigonometric component of the powers of various codes.

I have noticed that in English colonial history, there were English officials who did know native Indian subcontinent languages. Even though they might be considered to be more accomplished, actually many of them were the Achilles heel of the colonial government. In that, the efficiency of the framework was breeched at their location. During the Sepoy mutiny, there was one officer who had married a native female. I have seen his erroneous decisions which were totally affected by the strings that tied him to loyalties and obligations that were encoded in the native languages. He was the cause of a very terrible tragedy for the English side.

When speaking about such codes, there is this idea to be mentioned. One cannot know what are the exact trigger buttons in another software or language. I will try to explain it like this:

Since I have been using computers for a pretty long time for various purposes, I do have a lot of frill information on software. At times, people call me to get some computer problem of theirs addressed.

I imagine the various keyboard keys and tell them to do this or that. Recently, one man called. He was new to computers. He had installed a software for writing in his vernacular. Suddenly it stopped working. He called me in the late night-time hours. I went through the details he gave. I did not know about this software. However, since he mentioned that for initiating the software he had to use some keys like Alt, Shift or Ctrl, I simply asked him to give one single press on the CapsLock. He did not know what a CapsLock key was. I told him, ‘It will be the key above your Shift key’. He acknowledged finding it, and then said that the software had started working again.

Now, this is the issue. I know that there is a CapsLock above the Shift key in most keyboards. I do not know if it is not there in any kind of keyboards.

Now, the situation that native-English speakers face is similar to my lack of information. For instance, they know that students are at a slightly lower level to the teacher level in English. Like this.

Yet, basically it is: YOU —-YOU; HE —— HE; SHE —– SHE &c.

However, if the same student is placed under a feudal language native teacher, there is no platform in the virtual codes at the same location for the student. And the teacher is not in the same location as visualised in English. At the presumed student location, there is only a deep void. The student if placed there would literally fall into the void and hit on a much, much lower platform.

There are much more items to mention. After all, I am trying to touch virtual codes from a physical location. It may be mentioned here itself that skin colour has no codes of repulsion. The terrors are somewhere else.

Multiculturalism in England is basically social engineering. Without any idea as to what it proposes, simply going blindfolded into the ravines ofmulticulture can be dangerous. Beyond words.

Many individuals of feudal language nativity who have domiciled in English nations understand the negativity of their own languages. Many of them more or less shift to total English, in its pristine form. However, there are others who continue to inflict the erroneous codes on to their new nation, and enjoy the spectacle of eerie terror it unleashes.

I think it is time for me to ponder on the fizzing topic of human equality. And also about what would happen in England when every one of its native citizens get loosened up from their innate locations, in the virtual arena. What happens to every link in the human relationships web?

There is also the issue of what is wrong in French and Spanish. They are not Asian languages. Yet, I seem to have included them into the same bracket of Chinese. I need to ponder on that.

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