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9. Satanism in language codes

In my last post, I fear that I did lose the string of ideas and went one step ahead of what was to be mentioned in a line.

However, since my destination is still quite far off, a single misstep doesn’t matter much. I intend to go back to the missed step, and finish off the theme there.

The Machine or the software

Language is the machine that holds a social system, its communication routes and connects the individuals in a society. The individual codes in a particular language decide who links to whom, by which route, and also decides on where to place each individual. Each language has a very specific pattern or design as per which human beings are arranged. There are much more that these codes can do. I will mention them later.

What I bring and where I stand

I am bringing information about contemporary language systems, from the other side of the fence. It is not like an Englishman in the colonial times moving in some Asian or African location, and claiming that this Asian/African is acting like this or that, due to his this or that belief, superstition, way of life, mental ineptitude, lowliness, diffidence, social problems etc.

That is simply like looking at a dog and saying that it is wagging like this, or reacting to certain human signals in certain specific ways, due to this reason or that reason, or that the dog understands it like this or that. I have read some similar things written by colonial day English/British persons explaining the social or individual behaviour of certain Asians as per their understandings. However, from my vantage position, I should say that their inference might not have been the truth, or the full truth.

As of now, I stand on the other side of the fence and try to explain what is really happening in this side the fence. In certain ways, I might be part of a very feeble number of persons who are ready to admit what is the reality on this side of the fence. Actually I have found that most people who stand with one foot each on either sides of the fence, really speak a great deal of untruth when speaking about human rights, freedom, equality, racism, racist repulsions etc. Most of the common understandings of these things, inside a native-English social ambiance are of a very, very refined level.

In fact, the greatest of English racist cannot come anywhere near to the absolute dehumanising that goes in common verbal usages used by feudal language speakers. They are aware of it. Yet, they have no qualms about it. For, it can be maintained as a very open secret, and quite candidly enjoyed with quaint delight, inside a native-English social ambience. For, there is no way to convey the idea to a native-English population.

See my case. This simple verbal discrimination, that is a thousand times worse and also quite different from a N-word abuse of a Negro, cannot be explained in so many words. Any feudal language word or usage is just a sound to the untrained native-English ear.

A sound with a full sentence meaning

I have come across a usage or sentence in the Malabar Language (which is a dying out language on the South-western coasts of the Indian peninsula). The sound is somewhere near to: B’daki. It is just a weird sound even to the nearby other language speakers. In fact, they sometime do not think that it is a combination of words in a language. It could be just like the sound of an animal. Another combination of words in the same language sounds near to: B’b’e’m. I find it quite difficult to write the sound of both in English. Most animal sounds cannot be written in English.

The first one, B’daki means this many words: You get down here.

The second one, B’b’e’m, can mean: You will fall down/ He will fall down/ She will fall down, depending on the context.

What I wanted to convey through this, is that basically all human beings are animals. That is the truth zoologically. Otherwise also it can be the truth. The beastliness or refinement is through the software called language. When a person speaks a particular language, that person is literally becoming an individual of that language group. I do not want to continue this section of the conversation here. However, I have dealt with topic elsewhere. I will give a link to that some other day.

Superficial and shallow research

However, what perturbs me terribly is this: There is much research and study going on to decipher long-lost languages as scripts like that of the Incas & Mayans of South America, ancient Egyptians, Ancient Vedic texts of Central Asia (now claimed by Jingoistic Indians as of their ancestry) etc. Yet, there is a huge lot of hidden stuff in living languages of the present times – hidden from the understanding of the native-English scholarship. What get conveyed about feudal languages are at best decorated versions with little pointers to realities.

This secrecy is similar or much more terrible that the secrecy attributed to Illuminati or to the Free Masons. In fact, the secrecy attributed to them is quite trite. At best, of not much significance in the emerging times, when English nations are going uncontrollably into deep disarray. As the social system get afflicted with feudal language codes, which more or less acts as software codes that control and maintain social communication. Beyond that, the very concept of brotherhood cannot be fully understood in a planar language like English. There are very powerful codes connected to the mention of the word Brother, Brotherhood &c. Either of very stern stuff, or of an item that is used for deceit. Can’t mention more here.

I have found that studies on ancient languages are quite superficial, in that the powerful machine codes that control, dictate, dominate, and make others enslaved and subordinate, or make them worship another human etc. is not even understood as existent.

My own native feudal language is actually quite complicated when viewed from the simplicity of English. In fact, in earlier days, I did find it quite cumbersome. However, technology has made everything quite easy. There are around 52 alphabets, then an immensity of combined letters, and then many other minor codes. The words that can be produced from this immensity of letters are quite complicated, and can produce mental emotions, and a design view of society that are not there in English, and cannot be imagined in English. Beyond that the very splintering of human individuality into varying levels, starting from that stinking dirt to that of shining gold can add to the power in the language.

When viewed in the proper perspective, it is a huge machine or software just like one can see MS Dos. Even though an ordinary person can use the computer with a mouse and keyboard, a person who is conversant in MS Dos can do much more inside the computer. For he or she can literally go beneath the surface where the mouse and keyboards works, and can literally do more things than what they can do. With superb precision.

Installing virus codes

Now, this is the vital issue that has to be reckoned with regard to feudal languages. The verbal codes that they hold inside them are quite complicated, with very specific capacity to do much more complicated human structuring and relationship, than anything that English can even imagine. When such speakers become part of the social set up, in a pattern of relationship, where they are part of the links, they can create a weird splintering of the social system, create unimaginable emotions of ego, urge to snub, control flow of information, create valves to filter out flow of communication and make certain information unidirectional, insert direction codes into sentences, create need to slow down procedures, create need to hasten procedures, create awareness of a new kind of ‘honour’ which has no connection to the English meaning of this word etc.

That the very interaction or working with or working under, working above feudal languages speakers, can make an individual stink, or shine with a halo. That there is a stink that is not connected to the presence of any stinking physical material on a persons, but something that others can heave on him or her, by a mere change of word codes?

Everything is the exact opposite in English. In fact, even the most lowly worker employed under a native-English speaker, will show remarkable personality development, that cannot be recreated in a feudal languages social environment, in the same lowly job status.

See this image. It is of 12 persons connected to each other in pristine English inside England. If two of the persons in this link is from one specific feudal language, a very powerful code work can be performed, as shown in the second figure. That is an ability to flip any other individual from one plane to another one, even to 180 degrees.

Individuals connected to each other in a planar language like English

A mere word code change in a feudal language can literally flip another person, persons, institution or thing from one level to another. From Stink to Halo, or vice versa

In the light of all these brief admissions, how does one define human rights, right to dignity, racism &c? Even to speak such things with nil information on what the other side is having or preoccupied with can be a grievous error.

Now, where do I position myself? It would be quite preposterous to define me as a racist or with such other nonsensical words, which really are nothing more than expletives. Swear words cannot define me. For, I am neither White nor English. I am attaching much importance to the complicated codes in animal languages, including that of human beings. Learning a language is akin to installing a software in a computer. One has to be wary about the hidden codes in it before installing it.

Language study at the level of grammar, spelling, phrases, epigrams, prepositions, similes, etymology, meanings, synonyms, expressions etc. are near or absolutely superficial. There are powerful codes within the words, expressions, phrases &c. the power and impact of which differs as per the persons who operate the codes. And their intentions.

When certain words are written in MS Dos, the printer attached to the computer would commence functioning. What happens when one writes =rand (20, 12) on an MS Word page and press Enter? There must have been some error in the hidden codes of MS Word that creates this.

I started this chapter intending to go into the details of rights, liberty etc. as encoded in feudal languages. However, again I went astray, unable to control the stream of words. May be I will come and attempt that again, another day.

Paucity of time hinders my writing efforts here.

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