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4. Engaging the gears inside the vice-like grip

Clarifying the position

Before continuing on the topic, I need to clarify certain things. It came into my notice through the words of Iao in his comments. It is possible that I would have taken up these issues later, however, since the points have been raised, I need to confront them here itself.

First, I am not aiming to create a hatred for everything ‘not British’. I am only bringing focus on a very critical social aspect that has to be dealt with forcefully, if the world has to experience peace. In fact, I had taken this up in my own native land, Indian peninsular region. When there was a governmental order and consequent action to remove English and impose a feudal language compulsorily on the native population, I did initiate a legal action against it.

My arguments and cautions were quite candid and powerful. However, due to this very reason, the regional newspapers, acting at the behest of the teaching class, created a blanket cover-up of the issue. The details are here on this link. However, I do not request any reader to follow this link and inspect the item. I have kept the link here only for the purpose of placing on record. For, the contention that feudal languages can gnaw up the social quality of that area, is equally pertinent in England also. And elsewhere in Great Britain. And also all around the world.

Second item is the issue of Synonyms. Even though, the array of words (indicant word codes) meaning YOU, HE, SHE, HER, HIS, HIM, HERS &c. might be mentioned as synonyms, actually they are not. Each array means the same in English. However, when each of the words are viewed from their virtual code area, they would be seen embedded with different levels of value codes, and varying powers of push, pull, snub, ennobling, create differing facial/demeanour impact &c. This part of the view is not sensible in English. In fact, there is no mechanism in English language to detect this. However, the splintering/impact effect would still be felt.

There are other points in Iao’s comments which would require looking into. However, they can be approached when the topic reaches those areas, as those of words with different meanings, the sense of such usages as ‘boy’ etc.

1. I need to mention Quinx’s comment also. Feudal language is the most powerful weapon of feudal social structuring. Yet, the problem in discussing feudal social structure here is of understanding the word ‘feudal’. What it means in English is quite different from the actual social experience in feudal language nations. For instance, the feudalism of England has no common points with the feudalism in Asian / African nations. Even to compare the latter with the former would be a sacrilege. A despoiling of the former and an ennobling of the latter.

It is true that the governing class, the police, the petty officials, and everyone with some authority in feudal language nations take possession of the higher indicant words. However the issue is not something to do with the governing class creating the feudal words. The language is not created by them. And every man who uses it is equally guilty of the social disarray it creates.

In today’s post, I am arranging a lot of ideas, all of which can be elaborated upon later. The reader may not understand immediately the full context of each input. However, there is much to be mentioned.

An image

I am now trying to picture a social system that runs on a feudal language.

I have used my feeble drawing abilities and the inadequate tools in my possession to draw this picture. It is of each individual connecting two individuals below him. Actually there can be many others at each lower layer.

Even though an English social communication functions in a route of planar links, the feudal language social, familial and professional communication structure is in the form that I have shown above. Each of the dots is a human individual. Even though the arch of the curve,the distances between the individual dots &c. might be of significance in an actual code view picture of the communication, what I have given above is not to scale.

On the left side of the image, I have given an extended view of one of the links. Every link will have similar links that move downwards.

This is only a very simplified visualisation. Actually, in a real social set up, there will be thousands of such mutually connected or unconnected patterns of links.

The picture I have given above is only an external view. I will explain. Give me a moment. Let me first finish the following point.

Each of the individuals (the dots) is held in a vice-like grip by the layer above. In immovable positions. By means of powerful squeezing(lower) feudal words for YOU, HIM, HER &c.

The lower layers also keep the dots above in frozen positions, by means of words of respect. By means of another group of YOU, HE, SHE &c. This is a special kind of freezing. The individuals cannot do anything that can remove their respect. If they are denuded of respect, they fall into the canyon of disrespect. It is not a physical fall, but only a sharp change of indicant word codes. Just a change of YOU, HE, SHE &c. This topic of freezing has to be dealt separately.

The view from the outside

Now, to the external view issue. Inside a feudal language social system:

If one goes to view any relationship, like that inside a family, work area, religious brotherhood, teacher-students &c. the picture of the relationship is seen like what I have given above. Each layer holds the lower one in a vice-like grip, using a powerful word-level. There is no way to escape any of the command and regimenting power of this grip. It defines physical postures of obeisance, respect, loyalty, commitment, need to get up, bend, bow, look down, involuntary shaking of the head, and many other physical aspects also.

Beyond all this, each individual in this picture has a specific location, relative to other above and below. And a direction code also embedded. [This has a very powerful meaning. Needs to be examined in detail later. ]

However, this is not the true picture, in its total vividness. There are deeper issues to know of. One is that the thousands of link patterns that I have given above, link to each individual elements in any other link pattern. It is an extremely complicated scenario. Nothing that can be conceived of in English. For, in English everyone is connected to each other by straight line codes of YOU, HIM, HER, HIS, HER, HIM, HERS &c. In feudal languages, each of the words exists in varying forms. Each with widely different social implications, of rights, levels, relative heights, relative depths, directions, obligations and much more.

Each dot is an individual. A ‘HE’, ‘HIM’, ‘HIS’ etc. Each of these, HE, HIM, HIS actually has a minimum of three forms. The Superior, theNeutral and the Inferior.

The links that connect to each individual is actually a link to one of these in each individual. The communication of information, ideas &c. and the maintenance of mutual relationships are based on which form of an individual, at what level in the pattern, connects to which form of the others, at what level in the pattern.

A self-centred perspective

Now, there is a perspective that has to be taken up. From the point of view of each dot (i.e. each individual). It is like thinking of the Sun as the centre of the Solar System. It is a general view. However, one can use another frame of reference to view the Solar System. By taking the Earth as the non-moving centre. As used in astrology. The whole pattern of the Solar System changes. Distances, orbit routes etc. go into a new shape.

Similarly, any of the dots can conceive itself as the centre and connect to all the other items in the social system. If the dot is using English as the language of connection, not much dismantling of the social structure can be done. However, in a feudal language, this dot can literally connect to others with any of form of the link codes. The Superior, the neutral or the inferior. Thus it can position others. And the links that connect the others to others are also affected by this powerful repositioning. Similar to the very oblique orbit of Mars that can be visualised if one were to take the earth as the centre around which all the other planets revolve.

Introducing the concept of shifting gears

The linking to the others also has features of engaging a Gear.

You can shift from one gear (indicant word level) to another. Each one of them changes the pace and many other attributes of the other element that connects at the other end. One of the major effects is the speed of the other elements. Depending on the gear level, the other individual’s capacities & efficiency can shift from high to normal to slow. This is a topic that would require much more elaboration.

Another item is the direction and smoothness of flow of command, instructions, information &c. Depending on the gear (indicant word level) that is engaged, this can get be smooth, and powerful. Stalled and neutralised. Or can be reversed or repulsed. Basically in feudal language communication, flow of many communication and information is unidirectional. In the opposite direction, certain kinds of information cannot move forward, some can move with hesitance or resistance, and some can be halted, and some are treated as total impertinence, and cantankerous. Not because of the content of the information. But due to the positioning of the linking gears or the individual behind them. A sort of valve, functions.

What has to be manipulated

Now look at each of the dots. The individuals. Each of them has a minimum of three levels in indicant word codes. (In certain languages or dialects, there can be more)

Now we reach the most powerful area of social manipulation in feudal languages. [Here I need to mention that there might be different kinds of codes in different kinds of languages. Like there are in different software. I do not know about many languages, and about their inner codes. However, there are many feudal languages which follow the pattern that I am mentioning here]

Look that the three positions of the individual in the indicant code (the three levels of YOU, HE, SHE &c.). Most intrigues, conspiracies, jealousies, personal attacks &c. aim at location. For example, leak a scandalous information or a negative information about a person who is acknowledged as a superior, in such a way that the Superior code can be erased. In the languages of the southern parts of the Indian peninsula, the shift is usually from Avar to Avan. Or Oal to Oan. In the languages of the northern parts of the Indian peninsula (including present-day Pakistan), it might be a forced shift from UNN to USS.

Each of these indicant words are connected to very many other words, which all have different elevations. They can act as a switch or a system of switches. That triggers an action or halts an action. Or even delays an action. All this needs more elaboration.

Route to freedom and liberty versus pathways to social paranoia

Before closing, I need to insert one more idea that might need to be followed up.

Look at this picture:

When a person (the big circle) enters into a social relationship, a social area, a township, a club, a meeting place, a social interaction &c. he or she can get forcefully placed in one of the three (or more) locations, in the feudal language indicant word codes. This is a very powerful placing which contains more or less the total ambit of freedom, and individual liberty in a feudal language social system. And has nothing to do with the clutter and clatter of talk about freedom, liberty etc. that is presently going on everywhere.

This defines whether a person, a group of people or a family would mix with others, become a loner, keep apart, seek reclusiveness, seek special areas, reach into levels of leadership, feel comfortable and much more. This might even contain the secret information on why people flee an area when the lower feudal language speaking classes start showing assertiveness. Assertiveness actually means the daring to use the lower indicant words about the presumed or real superior levels. That is, to topple the others, and bring them down to levels of squalor, which the lower persons would define as levels of equality.

Caste repulsion/terror of the Indian peninsular region is encoded in the information given above.

Word count has gone beyond reader endurance. I need to stop. To be continued….

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