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What is different about it?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


3. Arranging human attributes

I am trying to convey the effect of feudal languages on English social systems. It is quite difficult. I have tried it for so many years online. Generally people of English nativity seem to take it as some nonsense. Others, native feudal language speakers, who do know what I am trying to convey promptly delete my posts online, and promptly identify me as a SPAMMER.

In the present case, even though I am desperate to go fast, I have to go slowly in very definite and precise steps. It is not easy to explain a feudal language to a native-English speaker. There are no words or usages in English that I can use or take as a sample.

Continuing from my last Chapter

I want to draw a 2-D diagram of how the word HE is connected to past, present and future by means of was, has been, had been, used to, did, could have, would have, should have, does, is, will be, will, can, may, must, can become, may become, must become &c. Since HE is in English, a 2 D-diagram would suffice.

I am not good at drawing and have no ability to convey what is in my mind in its entirety. However, see this figure.

Now, what has to be understood is that this HE is connected to past, present and future, by linking to events, things, and to other personswho are YOU, HE, HIM, HIS, SHE, HER, HERS, THEY, THEM, THEIR, WE, OUR, OURS and many other similar things.

In English, these links can be lines which are perfectly or approximately straight lines. For, the events, the things, and the various attributes of YOU, HE, SHE, THEY, WE &c. do not change.

Thus pristine English social systems do have a very profound static stability. [Note the adjective ‘pristine’]. A mental serenity that cannot be created or even conceived in a feudal language system is maintained.

The gravity or depth of the above lines cannot be fully sensed in English. For, how can a 2-D being imagine a 3-D world?

The figure I have given above has a serious defect in that it has not been able into include the various You, He, She, They, We &c. I do not know how to include these factors in a diagram. For each HE connects to an immensity of others.

I hope the reader has understood how English connects. In a straight line.

The interior contents of word

Before going ahead I need to repeat that the words and codes are not the only things that effect communication. The soundof the words and language, the looks and elevation levels of the persons who speaks it and much more, does have profound effects. However, I cannot go into that. However, always bear in mind that persons of feudal language nativity cannot bear their own social systems.

This is one of the real reasons that they all run off to English nations. However, they also do carry the same codes in them. When they speak, think or even display non-verbal body-language stances based on feudal language thought processes, it can convey the same terror to the others in English nations. This is the same terror which made these people run off to English nations. In English nations, when the others feel the same terror, it is generally misunderstood as racial repulsion. What really repulses is something more terrible than mere skin colour. Skin colour is the least of distressing things.

Since I have been admonished for writing huge number of words, I will try to make this post quite short in word count.

The 3-D world

Now, let us imagine a 3-D world, in which human beings are arranged not in planar space, but in the various locations in the 3-D space. This is the nearest means that I can think of to convey a feudal language virtual conception. Why should I need a 3-D figure for this?

The issue is that even though there are only one HE, SHE, YOU &c. in English, in the feudal languages, there can be various kinds of HE, SHE, YOU &c.

Even though this statement may be felt as quite silly, the fact is that this is one the greatest secrets of the feudal language world. About which even after so many years of so much claims of technical development, the English world has not idea about. However, I will leave this discussion to another time. Let me continue with the codes.

In this 3-D world, each HE, SHE, YOU &c. splinters into various forms, with various levels of potential energy. In that, each individual shall have various levels of existence. The same man when viewed from above, same level and from below, is a totally different person. The same person’s various innate qualities also changes sharply. Even such moral dispositions like honest, honourable, dependable, and punctual and every similar item is different for each different level of the same man. In fact, persons who speak in feudal languages do have multiple personalities.

Beyond that in this language code environment, everything that native-English speakers understand as the spurs for enterprise, business, adventure and everything else is different from what they think is correct. In fact, even the very conceptualisations of modern economic theories go haywire in this world.

Concepts of human equality, human rights and rights to dignity have no position in this world. And more or less non-existent.

Here again, an average English native might feel that these things are there in English natives also. However, if anyone does feel that it is so, he or she is mistaken.

Back to the Codes

The whole social and interpersonal communication in a feudal language world is quite complicated. Each human being exists in different levels. This individual has to interact with other individuals who are also in varying levels. When one individual interacts with another individual, it is not a HE interacting with another HE. It is one particular level of HE interacting with a particular level of HE. Herein lies a very profound link code.

In any particular communication, a direction necessarily comes in. For example, a man takes his higher HE position and connects to the lower HE element of another person. If the other HE agrees and allows to the linking to his lower HE element, it is a very powerful superior-inferior link.

The concept here goes into much more complication. For, each level codes has its own numerical ambit. For instance from 1 to 10. For example, the south Indian lower YOU is Nee. This YOU (Nee) itself has a range of values like 1 to 10. When the numerical value changes into 11, NEE might move into NINGAL (the next higher level of YOU).

When the superior HE is a father and the lower NEE (YOU) is his son, in most of the cases, the NEE’s numerical value can around be 10. In which case, the NEE is just a good position in a lovely intimate affection. However, if the superior in the link is an Indian householder and the lower YOU is a maid in the house, the numerical value of YOU can be around 1 to 3. In which case, the person is in a position of stink/dirt/squalor etc.

In fact, it is easy to see the effect of this position by taking a cursory looks at the lower financial classes of India, who work under the superior Indian classes. It is an affect that can literally affect even the genes and the genetic designs. However, most persons who are located in this level are used to it, and do not feel the discomfort.

When native-English speakers work under feudal language speakers, they might get to feel the displacement into the squalor when the others around them speak in their native feudal languages. The mental sensing of the displacement in the virtual code area would be felt terribly. The displacement is a forced one with everyone in the conversation forcefully placing the other person into a slot which is socially identified as of defilement, squalor and abhorrence.

When English nations go financially down, the lower financial classes in the English nations would start feeling this displacement, when feudal language speakers converse around them and about them. And they would react. When they react, it would be only identified as racial repulsion. For, there is no one to inform them that there is actually something more eerie going on right inside the English soils. Of which no academicians have any ken. And those who know of it, keep mum, enjoying the visual delights as they see the diabolic taunts in one world, and the tremulous disquiet in the other.

I hope to continue. I do not want to write huge posts.

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