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What is different about it?

It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!


2. Software of language

Language is a software. All languages are software. Each has its own ways and manners. Each one of them creates a social communication system which is characteristic of the codes inside it.

Now how do I prove that language is a software? And what all things can this software do? Well, in my ancient book March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages, I had mentioned the various things that a language can accomplish and what it contains. Languages do contain the design of the society it creates. It can also define the looks or the physical attributes of a human being who speaks that language.

However, it may be mentioned here that most languages are not planar ones like English. They are structured, hierarchical and feudal. So they can implant different kinds of looks and facial demeanours on to the human being depending on his or her location in the language codes. This statement may not be easily understood in English, for it is a planar language. And what I proposed is about 3-dimensional virtual code languages.

I aim to show the codes in the languages, and how they work. On human beings, human behaviour, human looks, physical development, events, social design, emotional triggers and much else. [Please note that each of the words I give has a very specific meaning. They are not simply an arraying of dictionary words as one would find in ludicrous academic textbooks].

Before embarking on this venture, I would like to mention a particular proposition which might look quite preposterous. It is that reality does have a code view and a design view apart from the material reality view. Actually, I can continue my path towards explaining the language codes without this apparent digression. However, it might be good to mention the area of impact of the language codes beforehand. For, it might help to gather a better understanding.

Not only reality, but even human beings do have a code and design view arena.

For those readers who cannot understand the terms code view and design view, I am giving this minor input. (At my level of requirement).

I am posting the three versions of a page in my website.

First Real Webpage

Second: the Design View

Third: the Code View

One can design the website and make changes into it by simply moving or pulling or inserting items into the Design View.

However, if one knows to work with the codes, a more powerful control and design mechanism can be activated.

Whatever change one does in the Design View, makes a corresponding change in the codes. And also vice versa.

That human body has a code view has been confirmed by me by experimenting with homeopathic medicines. In fact, I had proposed that a medical system that works in the Code View can rectify many human disease conditions. Homeopathic medicines do work with some kind of code values, in the same way that words and language codes work. I have not heard of any homeopathic doctor explaining clearly how homoeopathy works. Yet, it does work.

I have written a book titled: Codes of Reality; What is Language?

There is another book of mine titled: Software codes of Reality, Life and Languages! This book more or less was disconnected writings on the various thoughts that appeared in my mind before I wrote Codes of Realty; What is Language?

[My latest book of this genre is: Software codes of mantra, tantra, witchcraft, black magic, evil eye, evil tongue &c.]

However, my understanding of the theme is currently beyond what I have already written. Yet, the books might be interesting to persons who have the time and inclination to read them.

This much I wrote to make a background to my further writing.


Codes in Languages

Background of the author: The theme is quite complicated. And it has a lot of parameters, sides, proposals and such things. It is not possible to mention everything together. When I speak one item, it may seem that it contradicts some other commonly known information. I can explain the other contradiction only when I reach that point. Readers are requested to bear in mind that the writer is quite sincere and has immense information in the theme that is being expounded here. My native language is a South Asian language. I have been making observations about language codes since the very dawn of my life. If anyone wants to check the veracity of the claims to information on a particular aspect of languages, that is the effect of language codes, I would request them to read this bit of prediction that came in my book (3 paragraphs) March of the evil empires; English versus the feudal languages . This book was written in a particularly hurried or even harried phase of my life. So, the book couldn’t maintain its readability quality after some 50 or so pages.

Actually, I would like to speak about the fact that all living beings do communicate in some language. May be not spoken. It can even be non-verbal. Or it might be as a blue-tooth or WiFi device communicates. Yet, there would be a language, with its own codes. I do know that animals like dogs do have languages, which might be common. I do not want to digress into that.

What is generally not known by people who speak planar languages like English, is that in 3-diamensional languages words, usages, names &c. do have a direction code andtrigonometric component of force attached. I do not want to go into that item here.

I would like to speak about the sound of language. Even though, Englishmen may not know it, the fact is that different languages do have different sounds. It is not an issue of not understanding a language. It is that lions roar is a language, and dog’s barking is a language, in the similar way that Tamil is a language, and Spanish is a language, and so is English. Each has different sounds. Some are pleasing to the ears. Some irritate, some bring in fear, some creates acreepy feeling and some make can rouse up emotions. This part of the discussion also, I will leave out for the time being.

If language is a software, entry of a language into a social system can be allowed only after making it undergo a complete virus scan. Otherwise, the social system would slowly start exhibiting errors, violence, and emotional outburst, senseless killings, slowing down of processes, disintegration, and also mental problems. There are many more to be mentioned. Please note that the arraying of words I do here are not aimed at adorning this article. Each item has a meaning and has a reality scene that is connected to it.

When 3-dimensional language (which I earlier defined erroneously as feudal language) social system impact with a planar language social system, it is a collision of two totally two different designs. Like a planar world impacting into a 3-dimensional world. The items in the planar world would get thrown into various locations in a very weird manner of the 3-dimensional world.

This exactly is what is happening when English nations get impacted into 3-dimensional language social systems. At the same time, on the other side, the various components in the 3-dimensional system would experience a forced moving into a planar level. This is the effect of English into feudal language social systems like that in the social systems of Indian peninsular region, and elsewhere.

I think I have created the necessary background to move ahead. However, I need to caution that I have to take up the theme in a very simple manner. Otherwise, the native-English speaker would get no head or tail of what is being propounded.

I cannot go after every explanation. For instance, when I say He, there is She, They, We, You &c. And when I say Was, there is Were also. Like that for every sample word, there would be other variation. And their allied connected variations. I would not go after them. For, if I do the subject matter may move at a very slow pace.


On to the Software

Think of an individual. He.

This He is connected to the past, present and future, through words.


He was

He has been

He had been

He used to

He did

He could have

He would have

He should have


He does (do a thing everyday)

He is

He will be (possibly doing something now)


He will

He can

He may

He must

He will be

He can become

He may become

He must become

A slight digression: I have found that a person can be taught English and many other languages, without even a brief contact with grammar rules by simply informing him or her, these word link codes. There will be no error. Grammar might simply be required the background for higher levels of editing and proofreading. I have in fact found that teaching Grammar rules to persons who are good in a language can actually bring in a level of confusion and doubts about what is correct, as they fumble over grammar rules, when their brain actually gives them the correct inputs from usage. END of Digression

Now, just as in computer codes, wherein a change of a single word can direct the codes to entirely different location, a simple replacement of the word that is connected to He can direct the meaning and link to another location. Now what is this location? This location is in the codes of reality or in the codes of human body design. If the reader is not willing to accept this last contention about codes of reality, there is no problem. Leave it for the time being.

Now look at the link codes:

was, has been, had been, used to, did, could have, would have, should have, does, is, will be, will, can, may, must, can become, may become & must become.

Each one of them connects the He to a different location in time and space.

There are other powerful codes also in languages. Actually many.

Look at this sentence:

He is here.

I suffix a simple ‘t’ to the ‘here’. The sentence becomes:

He is there.

The location of the He simply moves to the opposite direction.

When I speak about words, the simple understanding is that it is just a sound. It is not. I will speak about it later. However, let me speak about a letter that appears in the computer screen. What is the code that creates it?

Codes behind the words

Look at the binary codes of the simple words: I, He, She, They, We & You.

I: 01001001

He: 01001000 01100101

She: 01010011 01101000 01100101

They: 01010100 01101000 01100101 01111001

We: 01010111 01100101

You: 01011001 01101111 01110101

Now, this is about binary codes used for computers to understand and for the other devices to which the computer is communicating to, to understand.

Now, what about words in languages?

If languages do have a software code in them, then it is only quite natural to assume that some codes are behind them also.

However, here a huge complication does come in.

English is a planar language. That means, there is no hierarchy of I, He, She, We, They, You &c.

So, it does not affect the other side of the sentence. For instance, the sentence:

He is here.

He is there.

There is a major change in the right end of the sentence. That is all.

Now, look at the sentence:

You can go.

Here again, the sentence is static.

Yet, when it is a 3-dimensional virtual-code language (feudal language), the You has various values attached to it. Each value will enter a different value to the Go. It depends on the specific 3-D-V-C language. Each 3-D-V-C language has its own codes and values.

I am giving a small sample of the different scenario of a 3-D-V-C language translation of the sentence.

You (3+ve) can go (3+ve) [Ennobling]

You (2+ve) can go (2+ve) [Ennobling]

You (1+ve) can go (1+ve) [Ennobling] Thangal can go

You (neutral) can go (neutral) Ningal can go

You (1-ve) can go (1-ve) [Pejorative} Nee can go

You (2-ve) can go (2-ve) [Pejorative}

You (3-ve) can go (3-ve) [Pejorative}

I need to mention that each value level for You and Go, would affect the tone and volume of the sound. It would affect the glare, the glance, the sheen and the power of the eyes. Since, they are all connected to the human body software.

The word count has crossed 2000. I think I will conclude for the time being. I hope to post my next chapter after five to seven days. The subject matter is not silly. For, it is literally like trying to explain one animal species’ language to another. 3-dimensional virtual codes languages are entirely different from planar languages.

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