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Terms of Service for paid subscription Telegram channels containing links to PDF digital books, maintained by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS / DEVERKOVIL Inc.

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1. You can join this channel on a trial basis for the mentioned specific number of days.

2. After the trial period, you will need to pay the subscription fee if you want to continue your access to this channel.

3. This subscription will be for the mentioned number of days, months or years.

4. After this subscription period is over, if you want to continue your access to the Telegram channel, you will have to pay the subscription fee again for the next period.

5. We do not offer any guarantee with regard to the longevity of the Telegram channel, quality of the contents, or that the contents are free of error.

6. During your Trial period, you need to examine the channel to check if the contents in the channel are suitable for you. If you are satisfied with the contents of the channel only, should you pay the subscription fee.

7. Please note that we reserve the right to make any changes in the contents of the channel.

8. Once you pay the subscription fee, no request for Refund shall be entertained by us.

9. It is your responsibility to download the PDF files immediately on joining the channel.

10. If by some chance, you find it impossible to access the channel after some time, during the period of your subscription, due to some reason over which we do not have any control, you will not be given back the amount you paid.

11. If by some chance, you cannot download or view the PDF files after the first month of your subscription, we will not refund the amount paid by you.

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