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Terms of Service for Paid-access - Popeye the Sailor videos - Telegram channel maintained by VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS / DEVERKOVIL Inc.


1. This channel contains less than 30 Popeye videos. We reserve the right to add or remove any video at any time.

2. These videos are presumed to be in the Public Domain.

3. You can Join the channel for a Trial period of five days.

4. If you find the contents interesting, you can pay for the continued membership in the channel for 2 years.

5. The membership fee for 2 years is INR 100. Currently (April 2022), this will be around USD 1.20.

6. You need to note that you cannot copy, save, forward or share the contents in the channel.

7. Please note that we do not guarantee anything with regard to the channel. There can be various kinds of errors, shortfalls and deficiencies in the contents.

8. We do not guarantee how long the channel will exist. For, we do not have any control over Telegram.

9. Once you pay and join the channel, you will have no right to ask for a Refund, whatever be the reason.

10. At the end of your paid admission period, you will lose your membership.

11. If you want to continue your membership after that, you will have to pay for the membership again.

12. If by some chance, you find it impossible to access the channel after some time during the period of your Paid subscription, due to some reason over which we do not have any control, you will not be given back the amount you paid.

13. Pay and subscribe to the channel only if you agree to the above conditions.

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