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English class Day 4 – Section 8

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Now, let us go to the speech.

You need to repeat the full speech now.

ഇനി പ്രസംഗത്തിലേക്ക് പോകാം.


1. The State of Our Nation

My dear friends:

It is nice to be able to stand here and speak a few words to you.

I want to speak to you about the terrible condition of our nation. It is true that our nation is developing. We are now a financially strong nation. There is enough and more foreign exchange in our coffers.

Yet, where is the evidence of all this on the streets of this nation? The government is having a lot of money. But there is nothing an ordinary man of this nation can get from the nation.

There is no place a man can sit or relax in a town. No toilets. No safe drinking water. Everything has to be paid for. For the person, who cannot afford all this, there is nothing here.

Most of the trees on the public roads have been cut down since we got our so-called independence. The heat on the roads on any day is unbearable. There is no shade to relax.

If this is what we call freedom, it is a pitiable freedom.

The so-called democratic government of this nation has to provide free rest houses for the common person in towns and cities. It has to arrange for the free availability of good drinking water. There should be free school buses for children. There should be good conveniences in public offices, which people who visit the offices can use.

There are many more things that need to be mentioned. However, for the time being, I conclude.

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