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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!

This is my first book on feudal languages. The first draft of this book was made in the ending months of 1989. However, it was in 2000 that I could complete the book. The book has been online ever since. It has been downloaded many times from various web locations. Only very few printed copies have been sold.

I wrote this book in a very hurried pace. For, I had feeling that I would never get the time and mental space to complete this book. However, after writing this book, I have written many other books.

The central idea in this pioneering book is that language/s of a social system hold almost all codes that designs it. Looking at this idea from pristine-English, one may not understand what I am trying to convey.

For, English a sort of planar-language. Everything and everyone are placed in a single plain in the language codes. There is only one single YOU, YOUR, YOURS, HE, HIS, HIM, SHE, HER HERS &c.

In feudal languages, there are many levels for all of these words of addressing or referring to.

Feudal languages create human emotions, which cannot be even imagined in a pristine-English mind. In fact, feudal-language speech has ferocious carnivorous codes. This is the real problem that has historically affected all feudal language nations.

People are wary of being addressed or referred to by persons, who do not come in the same social or functional hierarchy in which they belong and they are at home. For, the persons who are outside this hierarchy can use any level of usages which they want and can get away with.

However, when a feudal-language speaker arrives in a native-English nation, they experience a mental feeling of some great kind of salvation.

In fact, individuals who have lived at the various lower levels in their own native-locations find that they have no more, higher positions or individuals when they reach a native-English nation.

However, it is a very complicated scenario.

In feudal language nations, a slender percent of the individuals live on the various upper levels, enforcing the terrific verbal crushing on the various other individuals.

But then, the lower placed populations do have a very powerful weapon in their hands. If they use the same crushing verbal usages on their higher-ups, the higher-ups would literally fall into a very dirty-stinking gorge.

In fact, the exact social scenario inside a feudal-language nation is that of a slender percent of the individuals continually keeping a wide array of populations defined as some level of excrement.

At the same time, the lower-placed populations exist with a powerful mood of intimidation that they can literally catch the upper-side individual and drop him or her into an excrement pool at anytime, they can get them in their hands, verbally.

This is the exact social intimidation that exists as a sort of un-mentioned understanding in all feudal language nations.

When such persons who have arrived in native-English nations are told to go home, it would literally amount to telling them to jump into a cess-pool, unless they are from a socially or financially upper-class in their native–nation. However, most of the social freedoms that they have acquired in their native-English nation of domicile would vanish, the moment they return home.

However, this is the exact reason why people in native feudal-language nations find their own nation unattractive, the moment they feel that they can escape to a native-English nation.

However, it is a most complicated scenario.

In native-English nations, both the two kinds of individuals from the feudal language nations have arrived in large numbers. Both of them arrive at an artificial level of equal stature and heights inside English. However, they both, if examined at their virtual code area, would be found to be quite at different locations from each other and also from the native-English individuals.

If and when the feudal-language speakers use their native vernacular on and about native-English speakers, the effect can in many times be that of pulling or pushing a native-English individual into the same cess-pool that has been mentioned above.

In feudal-language nations, all individuals take adequate care to see that they allow only acceptable persons into their proximity, physically and otherwise. Here the word ‘acceptable’ is used to convey the sense that only persons who are willing to concede the adequate ‘respect’. They should also be persons who will not use the ‘pulling into the cess-pool’ words.

Or they should be persons who are above. The above-persons or the ‘respected’ persons are allowed to use the derogatory words to one.

Literally thousands of verbal code-work comes into play in all kinds of everyday situations. None of which can even be imagined in pristine-English. Persons who are interested in the real code-work of how the feudal-language word-codes interact with human beings and their various mental triggers, can read my ‘An impressionistic history of the South Asian Subcontinent’.

When native feudal-language speakers use the terrifying lower-indicant words inside native-English nations, about native-English individuals, the latter might get to feel the horrifying relocation that is being forced upon them in the virtual code arena. Persons with feeble mental insights and standards would be immune to the mental trauma and twisting these verbal codes effect.

However, persons with some kind of mental sensitivity and insight will get to feel it. Especially, if they have been placed quite low in the verbal codes.

Actually almost all the civil violence that are more or less unexplainable in native-English nations can be traced to the influx of feudal languages inside the nations.

A particular person’s name can be mentioned in this regard: Adam Purinton. There are many others. Unless native-English nations take-up the issue of feudal languages dismantling the whole antique English language-based social, familial and professional links for a very deep study, their nations will head for quite troubling times. In fact, everything will go wrong.

Unexplainable violence, domestic relations going haywire, technological disasters, road-rages, inefficiency causing calamities, traffic issues, and an immensity of unexplainable events would grow up in an exponential manner. For, all human relationships encoded in pristine-English codes are slowly being dismantled and re-set into complicated, twisting and twirling links.

The same social code of a few individuals becoming gold and the others converting into various levels of excrement will spread over the nation.

If one were to check the feudal-language verbal usages used by feudal-language speakers inside native-English nations, it might be seen that many of them if used about or to a low-level police constable inside feudal languages, would end up in homicide or something quite close.

Please remember that this is first book on the theme of feudal languages. I have since written many more. The writing was begun in an age when Internet facilities were literally unknown. The book was finished at the period when Internet facilities were slowly arriving in my location. So, most of the things in this book are literally from my own mind. I had very little ability to cross-check information or to gather from data from other writings.

I need to mention that in this new edition of this book, I have relocated the various introductory writings of the earlier versions to the last pages of this book.


January 2018

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