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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
12. The natural component of leadership

In this context, it may be understood that once the feudal language social systems are allowed to function in a level of equality with English systems, the former would show unbelievable energy and strength. For, they come with a natural strength of feudal leadership. For, each person in a feudal position is naturally bestowed with a hierarchical level of followers, all stuck in immovable positions of servitude. The English person, who lives in a world of individual freedom and individuality would suddenly find himself alone and overwhelmed by the sheer force of followers, the former group has. In this case also, I need to compare the leaders of the so-called Indian Freedom struggle. None of them could actually compare with the British administrators, in terms of imparting benevolence and liberation, and also in personal capacity. Yet, the Indian feudal leaders could, more or less, stun the British into conditions of amazement, at the sheer number of persons who were showing feudal servitude to them, even though they, the masses, actually were kept much below the leaders in social mental conditioning.

The social embedding: Now let me lead the reader to another scene. That of so many non-English language natives, who can speak in English, becoming a functioning part of the English societies. Many persons would be embedded in various groves of the English societies, at various levels, and various professional areas. When their number is small, they show metamorphosis into English demeanours. However, when their number swells, and they chance to maintain a sub-culture group, in their native language, then the usual metamorphosis stops working. They continue to imbibe the feudal intonations, from their native countries. Their families also remain, in a starkly different mental and anthropological mood, from the mainstream.

Any person from this group, who everyday enters into the mainstream social and professional groves, return daily to the negative subculture, at the end of the day and week. In other words, they exist as a conduit of negativity to the mainstream English social system.

The problem is not that any non-English person may seem bad or vile, but of him or her being nice, and able to break through the social barriers. He or she then continually becomes the door for the other negative society to dabble, discuss, and monitor, the mainstream society, with a most forbidding moral tone. This would be disturbing to the free society, that has been created over so many years here.

Moreover, this person becomes a real source of disintegration in the English society, when certain persons discern the danger and negativity that he maintains through his ambivalent personality; and some other don’t discern it, and allow full freedom of interaction to him or her. Also, tries to implant him or her in specific social groves inside the English society. This can create the first sowing of disharmony in the earlier society.

What I have just said may not be very easy to understand for the reader; and for me, to convey. For, it is a theme that is so fine, that I fear that I may, if I am not careful, convey a theme that all non-English natives are dangerous to the English nation. No, that is not what I want to make understood. My actual theme is that of the same person, being alone, and of the same person being a part of a crowd of his native fellowmen, are entirely two different personalities. And also that that the social software codes that comes into the English society in both cases are two entirely different ones.

So with more worker immigration to the determent of the local worker, can have many social affects, which if not clearly understood, can lead to the lingering demise of the English nation.

Before concluding, I need to make one more statement. That is, that Englishmen or citizens of any English nation do not have any innate superiority. It is only by some stroke of luck that they happen to live and function in a most easy and positive, communication and social design software system. They need to understand that once this software is corrupted, then they are no better than any other barbarian nationalities.

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