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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
9. The flawed comparisons

There is a tendency to compare the British / Empire Empire or even English nations like America, or even to the ancient empires like the Roman Empire, Chinese Empire etc. This is seen done by none other than the scholars from the English world. Actually, there is a basic flaw in this comparison. The English Empire was not formed on the basis of a military march like that of Genghis Khan or even Hitler. It was a more natural progression of liberty as enthused by the English language. There is no comparison of American actions being similar to the Roman rampage to gain more territories or Genghis Khan’s onslaught to pursue pleasure by obliterating other tribes and their men folk, and then fornicating their female family members.

If anyone does say this, it is a blatant lie. For if America had not come to the aid of Kuwait, then there would have been no independent nation in the Middle East. Even India, would have gobbled up some of them. To claim that like all Empires, America would also lose its supremacy in a short while, is to speak blasphemy. For, if the feudal language nations come to the fore, then it would be the medieval-age again for the world.

Need to comprehend: Yet, the problem America does face is that it has not really understood the social philosophies of the places it is forced to interfere in. For, in all places with feudal languages, no matter what one does to change the society, the society and its people again would arrange themselves in definite patterns, as dictated by unseen lines of forces, which lie embedded in their language. If English nations do not strive to understand this vital factor, then they could end up making very terrible mistakes in their endeavours to strike out in favour of justice. In this regard, I must say, ‘do not disregard the insights the earlier colonial officials, who lived in locations like the south Asian subcontinent, had.’

Though there may be many compulsions to interfere in other nations to right the wrongs in those nations, America may stand to make mistakes in understanding the underlying reasons that creates dictators, megalomaniacs, tyrants etc. and the compulsions that make them do things, which from outside may seem unwarranted and unreasonable. In the long run, it may be a good policy for America to maintain an intimate relationship with English nations, at the same time go in for an enduring policy of isolation from other nations, in political, as well as in many other things. For all interactions with the feudal nations would only bring grief to the citizens of the English nations, if not done with careful understanding of parameters.

When the English nations take sides, or go in for helping their non-English language nation allies, against subversion, revolt, revolution, terrorist-attacks from their own people, they have to give consideration to certain things. First of all, will any English native like to live in these countries, under the same government and bureaucratic systems? Consider the possibility of one day, one of the English nations being under the rule of some nation in the South Americas; of such nation as Spain, Italy, Japan, India, Pakistan, or of some Black African state. Would the English citizen bear the rule, and endure the stifling social and ruling conditions with equanimity? Will they not revolt? Won’t their children take arms? Won’t they resort to activities which the ruling nation would classify as acts of Terrorism?

This theme may be a bit bewildering at the moment. If not fully comprehensible, I can only leave it at that. For it may require a lot of logical and systematic build up of theory to tackle the questions involved.

Implications of Space Research Collaborations: Another thing that America is doing with not understanding the full implications is the cooperation it is having with other nations, with feudal language social systems, in Space Research. If the American astronauts go for long sojourns in outer space with the astronauts from other such nations, there are deeper issues connected with the social climate that has to be understood. If the space journey partners are from India, China, Russia and other such nations, there will be different social parameters to be borne in mind. For the sake of debate, I may take the issue of American astronauts being in space with Russian cosmonauts (?). If the American astronaut is outnumbered, then, there really is a chance that the feudal language social atmosphere in the spaceship can really create a feeling of intense mental suffocation for the American person. More so, if he has endeavoured to learn the Russian language. I am making this assertion from the premises that the Russian language could have feudal elements in its communication software.

However, the issue is a bit more complicated that than. For, in the ladder-like hierarchical language social structure, certain Americans with a definite level of superiority in certain crucially-fitting physical or intellectual factor may also find a cosy environment. For, their position or personality may have an alignment to fit into a specific grove in the social structure, which may give a positive halo to him or her. However for most others, the effect may be of a negative nature.

When a group of Americans move at close quarters with a group of Russians, the Americans, if they are outnumbered or dominated by the Russians, may split themselves to fit into the various groves of the feudal hierarchy of the Russian social communication. In all these situations, the American society would be the real loser. This negativity can be contained and bottled up, if the English nationals do take up the real superior position, and impose their own social communication systems on everyone. In which cases, most of the Russians would also feel liberated.

It may be noted that if Russian language really does contain feudal elements, which I am, more or less, sure of, then the superior officials of the Russian Space Research Organisations could have a very hallowed personality, as compared to their juniors.

The ridiculous policies: I need to conclude. Before concluding, I want to state one more thing. That is on the immigration policies of the English nations. Compare it with the Middle-East nations, like UAE, Bahrain etc. Their land is sparsely populated. Yet they do not allow the foreign labourer to get any level of residence rights, other than for the purpose of working. They are not fools. They live in close-quarters to the varying feudal language nations. Moreover to some extent, they may themselves have some level of experience in this aspect. Do they face any problem, with regard to getting workers?

Why should the English nations give full citizenship rights to the thousands of immigrants that come in search of work here? I personally think it is time for all English nations to think of bringing a stop to this exploitation of English magnanimity. There was a period of time, till about the end of the 1980’s, when citizenship granting to foreigners could be disregarded as an action of compassion. Now is the time for some level of introspection. If it is not done now, then there may be no other occasion. For, a variety of languages, and societies, and cultures would creep into all government institutions, including judiciary, and then it would be pandemonium revisited.

About the policy of immigration, one of the most stupid things is the fact that an immigrant worker who comes legally by passing a low-standard English exam, can later bring his or her spouse, who need not know English. Moreover, their parents also get the right to enter. Well, it is an unstoppable chain.

Within a matter of ten years not only the demographic looks of USA would change unbelievably, but also, the present-day Americans would face a very disconcerting issue of being seen as a sort of culprit race, who had exploited the human race for so many years, and need to be justifiably punished. This would be the charge of the new occupants of the land. If the policymakers cannot discern the grave danger in this, then I must say that the collective wisdom of the nation is already damaged. And needs immediate medical help.

I need to say that I do have some very constructive ideas to convey, by which the English nations can protect themselves; at the same time, be the saviours of the immense number of persons who are living in various feudal language nations, awaiting an intelligent intervention from the English nations, to cut the fine strings that bind them down. This theme may require another writing.