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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
7. The Two Indians

Now back to the allegory of the English speaking Asian-native girl. Actually, there exists in India, two classes, apart from the feudal society, with all its step-like hierarchy. If one goes to Delhi, the capital of India, one may see it. See the affluent, internationally mobile, locally rich, English-speaking persons. They visit only higher-class shops, hotel, multinational banks etc. Though Indian, they cannot bear the other lower class, non-English speaking Indian. For, they bring in a different social set-up with them, and can putrefy the social air around them. For keeping them out, crude looking vernacular-speaking security men are posted at the entrance of all higher-class business institutions, who use rude words, glaring eyes, and cruder methods to keep out the undesirable elements from entering the premises, even if they desire to enter to do some legitimate business.

The Infectious Negativity: Now, this factor of infectious negativity from a cruder language and social set-up is known to higher-class Indians, which they understand without the help of any dissertation. They employ the crude methods to keep the negativity out. The negativity is felt by the higher-class Indians because the lower classes nurture and breed it in their vernacular language, and maintain it through the lower social status.

Now, consider a whole group of vernacular-speaking Indians or any other feudal language groups, alighting on an English social scene. They bring in simmering negativity, in their midst. But, for the English society to completely comprehend it, may be entirely impossible. For, in their thought process, there exists no gadget, which can measure it. Possibly they may detect it, but may not understand it. Or they may be at a loss of words to describe it. In other words, this society would be absolutely defenceless to the infection and afflictions that would very naturally follow. Here, I must make it clear that in no way do I say that the persons in the English society alone are good, and of supreme character; and that the immigrant population is vile and dirty. The very concept that I am trying to convey is entirely different, and does not come into the scope of the concepts of individual good and bad; or of rectitude and gracelessness.

Swarming in of the nation: Now, let me tell you another thing. If the English world is so gullible as to give right-of-passage to all individuals from the feudal language world to come and go as they please, and allow them to study all the technologies, sciences, philosophies of the English world, then it only a matter of time, before the very persons who came in the guise of worshippers, would metamorphose into competitors and, with the understanding of the entire social, business and financial geography of the English world, would overrun it.

There is a very tragic component to getting low-paid employees from feudal nations. One of the best examples would be the ongoing process of computer-related employees, who have come in waves to flood the IT scene. It is true that they gave a great impetus to the firms who could make use of low-paid employees to garner financial strength. However, in the long run, it is a thing the nation could regret. For, it has given skills to persons from feudal language nations. i.e. nations which would never reveal any of their skills to another person. Along with empowering the others with knowledge and skills, it would also, erode the skills of the local citizen. In the long run, it weakens the local citizens and naturally the nation.

Even in the case of back-office job-outsourcing, there is the grave danger of leaving a generation of English nationals with lack of expertise in many minor skills, which in the macro level really affects the enduring efficiency of the nation. Another thing to note is that the jobs lost here, are not being taken by the socially same level persons from the third world nations. When they come empowered, they have more social power to overrun the middleclass of English nations.

One may seek in history of the same folly another nation did many years ago. It is the nation of South Africa. There Indian and other Asian labourers were brought in to do low cost labour. They later became an apparition with a body of its own. And later was to become another bit of severe problem that came to create more confusion in the mess, that was already brewing up.

Gullibility at its worst: Another level of stupidity the English nations are doing is the doling out of immense money in the form of aid to third world nations, where it is, more or less, pilfered by the ruling bureaucracy as pay, perks, pensions, allowances, commissions etc. and as subsidy to partisan NGO’s, who also go in for super affluence. It is high-time, the English nations do use this money for the education, food, dress, housing, healthcare, technical empowerment etc. of their own citizens, who are in dire need of the same.

Take the State of Alabama, in USA. There are plenty of poor there. Their jobs are lost. Though they may be poor, they cannot be compared to the poor in the feudal language nations. For, even though they are poor, the English language does not discriminate in words, usage or grammar with regard to their financial instability. Now, imagine that to their area, a lot of persons, from some feudal language group, come. Immediately, the poor in Alabama would suddenly understand that there is another component to poverty, which they had hitherto not known. That of the stinging lower indicant words. Even though initially they may not fully comprehend its overwhelming effects, it is only a matter of time before they feel it.

Mind you, now channel TVs can bring the feudal social viruses of their native nations, to the homes of the newcomers. And perpetuate, breed, and nurture it in the USA. The affect is a painful one. What it means in the long-term can be understood by just seeing an average Indian social, civic, township and cultural scene at close quarters.

A drama that may be oft repeated: Now let us go to another scene. One US policeman, who by ancestry belongs to a feudal language nation, stops a lorry or a taxi driver who also belongs to the same language group. If both of them don’t know their ancestral language, then no problem. And again, if only one of them knows it, then also not much of a problem.

But if it happens that both of them do know their ancestral language, and the policeman has a propensity to talk in it, then it is disaster in the making for the American nation. For, when the policeman asks for the relevant papers from the driver, in the feudal language, the words and usages used, more or less, creates a neat break in the free communicating social atmosphere of America. The driver goes into the level of dirty linen, and the policeman rises to the level of a feudal lord. The gestures of both men change dramatically, to accommodate their new social identity. This first incident would just be micro-training for both men as to how to handle their respective professional positions, which in a matter of time, can cause the atrophy of the profession of taxi/lorry driving, and also, afflict the mind of policemen, with a certain level of megalomania, and also with the symptoms of schizophrenia, as elucidated in this book.

Mind you, the example I have given here is only a sample. The drama that has unfolded here can take place in many other professional areas, including schools, and colleges, and bring down America to the cultural and professional levels of third world nations.

However in-between, for the sake of the English-speaking natives of the English nations, I would give a hint of a conjecture. Do not allow persons who speak feudal languages in their home, or with friends, with children etc. to have access to get professional postings in such government departments as Police, Civil security, Sniper Wing etc. For, there is a distinct possibility that their mental programme would be slightly, yet in a statistically significant manner, more prone to treating their fellow beings with more disdain and consequent violence.

The animosity: There is need to curtail immigration to all English nations by persons who are innately inimical to English. I remember one individual in India, who was a graduate Engineer. His abilities in English were not less than average, but he did have a very adverse opinion about the English nationals, and, more or less, had a competitive mentality to them.

The problem was mainly that he understood that he is seen in sharp inferior position to them, by a lot of persons, mainly the English nationals. At the same time, he himself was a rich and naturally feudal mindset person, with ample chances to improve upon this over his fellow citizens. He did tell me of one of his aunts who did come back after staying with her daughter in USA, with repulsive notions for that nation. I do not know what her real reason was. Probably it may have something to do with the fact that she was living in India as a high feudal personage, while in the USA, she would have to live with her daughter who was a computer professional, and hence not heavily paid, in terms of American Consumer Price Index.

However, what he told me was that she was used to servants who would massage her legs, in deep feudal servitude. That this she did miss out in the USA. I am relating this story here without going to any inferences for I do not know what to summarise from it. However the mentionable thing here is that after a few months after this conversation, this young man was in the USA.