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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
4. The contributions

Now, what has India really contributed? The tarred road, the post office, the electric bulb, the electric wire, the railway, the motor vehicles, modern dress like pants, shirt etc., the modern educational system, the pen, the pencil, the writing paper, radio, telephone, air travel, television, modern dining systems using dining table and chairs at homes, cinema, tape recorder, modern administration, police, modern systems of management, the higher education, the computer, the Internet, mobile phone etc. are all non-Indian discoveries. The list is long. Most of these inventions are actually contributions of English nations. Actually, whatever comes in the English West is given to the whole world for use. In this regard, even the most vilified language of English, is actually being utilised by the whole world. Many nations do not even have the mental magnanimity to acknowledge the contribution of Britain in spreading this language all round the world. In fact, there are many academics in India, who try to say that the English that they are teaching is progressively a non-British item, and sort of an Indian invention.

The Stark Stupidity: Now, isn’t the whole English West being a bit naïve. They annually contribute huge amounts to the third world nations like India, who actually take this with no mental qualms and use it with splendid energy to spread more canards about English colonialism, neo-colonialism etc. which the people lap up with drooling mouths. Whatever the English people, teachers, researchers and technologists discover are given to the whole world, where clever businessmen use them for competing in the commercial field.

To put this idea in more candid terms, let me take the case of higher education in the English West. Many rich students in the third world nations go to English universities. From there, they get to know the latest in the research scene. Then they go back and utilise the low-cost labour, and infrastructure of their own nations, and built-up gigantic institutions that later compete with the commercial institutions from the English nations.

Here actually the English nations are being stark stupid. For, who does not know that personal connections are what build a business? To allow persons from competing nations to enter into one’s domain and allow them to build up much connections with the significant persons in their nations, is, to say the least, an unqualified level of stupidity, which posterity would never forgive. It should be understand that the students who come and study with the middleclass students of the English nations in English Universities are not from the ordinary classes of the third-world nation. They actually do belong to the dominant classes in their nations. They have supreme resources at their command once they go home, with which their native-English classmates cannot compete.

The Proliferation: Recently a senior Pakistani Scientist was in the news as the person who was responsible for the proliferation of nuclear technology. Actually, this is not an isolated phenomenon. For, many Indian scientists also from various Indian White Elephant organisations like Indian Space Research Organisation etc. do use all the facilities at their disposal. Once they get an assignment abroad, they would vanish with all the knowledge they had collected at the local tax payer’s expense.

Yet, in all these incidents, there is one factor that is not being understood. All original scientific knowledge proliferated from the English nations. This includes even the nuclear bomb technology. What can one expect when the whole universities of the English nations are teeming with students and teachers from the competing nations?

Isn’t it a stupidity of gargantuan proportions? What has happened to the collective wisdom of the English nations? Do not imagine that once the feudal nations come into economic significance, they would treat the English citizen with deference for giving them education, knowledge, opportunities etc. They would then metamorphose into creatures with unbelievable nastiness and wickedness. They would be unapproachable. Their superiority would be of towering heights. The words they then use to the impoverished English persons would reflect the ancient feudal lower indicant levels.

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Will any nation, with any sense, allow foreign nationals to come, and study their exclusive technologies, for use in competition against themselves? Doesn’t anyone remember how the Chinese protected the knowledge and secrets of silkworm rearing and silk manufacture? The story goes that ultimately one man smuggled silkworms in the hollow of a bamboo stick. That is how oriental nations would protect their commercial knowledge. And that is how it should be.

Let the English nations remember this theme before it is too late, and take effective steps to counteract the damage already done. Actually what they should do also needs to be dealt here. But for the time being, I refrain from doing it. For, I need to know how my writings are taken up by the English nations. For, to a person who views my themes with a condescending smile, and a contemptuous attitude, the remedies that I suggest would seem absolutely hilarious.

Has the reader of this writing read the work Candide by Voltaire? It is a book, with a story that takes us through the medieval age Europe. The shocking levels of insecure living that passed for civilised living over there. However remember that though Voltaire was a well-liked writer of France, he himself was a self-proclaimed Anglophile. It is possible that even in medieval times, Britain did exhibit a level of rare social maturity, in comparison with the Continental Europeans. Here my comparison is between the common men in both places.