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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
3. Intellectual snobbery

I have found that many persons from English nations do have a sort of intellectual snobbery when it comes to understanding the power of the feudal language nations. They actively side with them. And try to understand the world economic order as a consequence of the deliberate exploitation by the English nations. These people are just being stark stupid and silly. They and probably most of the persons who have lived in English nations do not have any inkling of what a feudal language is all about.

My shock may very frankly be understandable when I say that I find it highly disconcerting when I find even the BBC trying to act out a level of shallow intellectualism, by presenting the views of the feudal language nations in a very positive light, and sort of being a mouthpiece of these very persons. One watches the BBC to know the British view of events. Naturally when the persons over there try to act as a sort of wise guys by, now-a-days increasingly, putting on a level of arguments, which one may very well hear on Indian vernacular TV channels, one gets a feel that it is time the British took stock of what is happening to their nation. And to the BBC.

Actually, there have been, historically, many persons in Britain who did not understand the working of feudal language nations. The various cases that were brought to the officials of the erstwhile British raj, during the times of the East India Company do bear testimony to my statement. I can understand the sheer mental frustration of such persons as Clive, Impy etc. as they came to be judged by persons sitting over in England, and trying to judge them over their actions in the highly feudal language nation, that was British-India.

When I see the various levels of immature actions that many persons in the British government has done in the days preceding, during and after the Gulf War II, I have to inform that I do fear that already there are evidences to show that the feudal language affects are on the society. For, when the feudal language inflictions take place, one of the most significant proofs of its presence is the general level of actions by individuals to act as if they fear of being overwhelmed by social events and forces, and impels them to act in most contrary manner to the innate English attitude of propriety. Persons act with a sort of forced individuality that they do have to show off their independence, as if they fear of being lost in a maze of individuals. This comes about when anybody moves socially or professionally for long periods in the company of feudal language society.

The need of the hour: The need of the hour of the English nations is to stand as one as they do stand in a most momentous moment in history. The English nations altogether do not add up to much when the whole world is taken as a whole, in terms of numbers. The whole world is now out to crash into the English nations, eyeing everything that is out there. I have just been told of a concerted level of meeting organised by many senior industrialists of India, to organise Health tourism, to corner a mighty chunk of the healthcare business, in the English world. The rates offered would be very, very competitive, to more or less drive out the whole healthcare industry in the English world. The persons in the English world are not competing with the persons of similar stature in India, but with the towering personalities of the Indian Industry, who naturally are very, very strong, in the feudal language environment they exist.

As an allegory, I may mention here that the highest persons in Indian history were always of much more grandeur than similar persons in English history. For example, no English monarch can match the grandeur of the mogul kings. But then the average English man was hundred times grander than the average native of the South Asian subcontinent, as to his stature in his own nation is compared. That is why England always won. However now, the common citizens of English nations are being baited by, not the common men of feudal nations, but by the economic and social feudal lords of these nations. The situation is more severe when one may understand the truth that the persons who run the industries and other commanding heights of the English economies are also, in sync with them, as they aim for more competitive rates, by going for cheaper labour. If the common public of the English nations are not truly aware of the sweeping significance of these historical undercurrents, then it would have tragic consequences for them.

The threat: When one thinks of the jobs in the English nations, I may say that all jobs would be cornered by persons from outside. However if one thinks that this is a good thing, for the nation gains from cheap labour, then they have not understood the real danger, implicit in this development. Along with labourers, would come their lower stature social culture, connections, and communications. Their very demeanour, anthropological features, and also their gestures would speak it out loudly. They would make a mess of the society of the English nations. Many native workers would simply leave their field of activity and seek out other avenues, creating more vacancies in the field. It would be just a vicious chain reaction, which would garner more strength as more and more immigrants come. The immigrants who come with English and an innate understanding of its social philosophies would not create much problem on their own.

However when a mass of immigrants with feudal language understandings converge on a specific profession, then that field of activity is as good as lost for the English native. For, he or she would not be able to bear his social identification with them or maintain his equanimity. Now it is the nursing profession. Many others are in the offing. School teaching, taxi driving, computer-based work, like that, slowly the native English speaker stands to lose his bastions one by one. Then the general comment that the English are a group of lazy, egoistic, snobbish race would come about. Already I have started hearing such comments.

It may be noted that once a profession is associated with non-English speaking, immigrant populace, then other sections of the society tend to keep away from that field of activity like plague. For example, just imagine the plight of the Middle-East nations, like Saudi Arabia. They would like to get rid of the of the immigrant population from many areas of professional activity and get their own nationals to work in these fields. Yet, no Saudi national would like to come to have a professional address, which has been contaminated by the address of the Asian immigrants. Actually, the basis of this social factor may be traced to many Asian nations like India, where many professions are given lower social marks, and understood as inferior social levels. In India itself, people tend to shield themselves from its sting by maintaining a level of psychic aloofness.

Taking up the theme of Health Tourism, I asked an associate of mine who is a CEO of a participating Healthcare Industry group, as to what would happen once the Indian and other nations corner the Hospital business from the English world. He said it is only a matter of time, before almost all major hospitals in the English world would close. However, for the time being the factor of quality, wherein the patient should feel at home in the alien hospital environment would be a slightly limiting factor. He said that this factor also would be solved in a few years time, by studying the underlying factors that make an English hospital more pleasant for the English national, and by replicating the same here. He said that since the top Industrialists have taken up the issue, they would naturally be able to bring it about in a matter of years. Then the next question is what would happen to the hospitals in the English West. His answer, with a glee, was that it was only a matter of time before they close down.

The diabolic situation: If this scenario had been discussed some 20 years back, the portentous premonitions that I have dealt out here would not have seen significant, even though I must admit that such thoughts had crossed my mind as early as that. However now, the world has changed with the coming of the computers, high band Internet, satellite communication systems etc. So a high calibre man sitting in a third world country need not interact professionally with his fellow nationals. Instead he can sit in a corner of the world and still be in an English environment. As such he is not limited by the mediocrity of his national society. Moreover he can compete with the English nations using the low cost labour and infrastructure of his nation. And also enjoy the benefits that accrue by keeping the society, people and currency in low value. It must be understood that in third world feudal language societies, persons exist in two definite qualities. The boss who is of super stature and capability, and his dependant of very low displayable personal qualities. It is the former who is going to gain heavily by the new international development. These persons know all the tricks in the trade, and can use all modern things like law, lawyers, rules, terms & conditions, connections, feudal strings etc. with unbelievable efficiency, and supreme crookedness, used as they are to trap whole populations in feudal thraldoms.

Now from the premise that my acquaintance left, that is the factor of studying English systems and copying them to replicate the systems here, I need to go further. If any person from the English West has had a habit of reading Indian Newspapers over a long period of time, he would have noted that there is a continuing theme in Indian minds that all intellectual knowledge and many other resources of India, like plant and animal DNA, ancient medicinal knowledge etc. are being looted by the English West. Actually this is really nonsense. For, traditionally, as I have explained in my book, no Indian would share any of his knowledge with anyone, as it is this factor of being the repository of unique knowledge that makes a person the fountainhead of respect.

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