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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
2. The Uncommon Understandings

One of the common things that I have seen in many persons who are contemplating on going to the English nations is a contempt for the English citizens. Many are of the opinion that they need to be taught a lesson for the many evil things they have done, and they also have a very lucid idea as to how to go about it. They like the English nations, and yet they do not have any understanding about the ancient heritage, cultural standards, conventions, social experiences, spirit of the laws etc. which are all embedded in the English language, and are the things that make these nations the fine countries they are now. For them, English is just another language, and the superiority that is seen in these nations is just the pretended and highly untenable, pseudo superiority of the White race. They have no understanding that there are many White men and races, actually a great majority of them in Continental Europe, who do not have any claim for any superiority in anything, like social development, culture, military achievements, technological calibre, discoveries, or even economic strength.

The tragedy that faces the English nations is that many of their own nationalities do not have any understanding about these themes, and as such their own understanding of realities is comparable to the mental framework of these very despicable persons who are aiming to storm the English bastions. They consider themselves as simply superior on account of some level of genetic endowments.

The double-edged face: In this regard, I must go back to my theme on the feudal languages, as enunciated in my book. Here let me take an illustration from India. The languages, which are the powerful machines that design societies, its working and also the mental calibre and its efficiency, do have a very double-edged face. The persons, who are on the top-rung of the communication software, exist with a very powerful social personality. This may even reflect in their physical stature, if it is a position, which is natural to them by birth, or since childhood. To the persons who exist on the lower steps of the software, it exhibits a very stinging, crippling and stifling force, which very effectively cuts short all their abilities, calibre and potentialities. Their very physical growth may be affected if this is the position that they were forced to survive in since the dawn of their childhood.

This is a very real force, and not something that this author has conjured up. Only those who have felt its force can understand its power. What I would like to say is that if any group of feudal persons do corner an Englishman, and keep him in their social confines, so that he is cut-off from his innate society, then he would also feel the terribleness of the force I am elucidating about.

Whatever one may say about the power and prestige of British social institutions, the truth is that they do have an innate quality of liberating a person, who has traditionally and socially existed for eons in social chains. One may discern slavery and other regimentation in English societies only when one compares it to English social systems. For, if we compare the same slavery to what exists as free social situations in feudal areas, then one may even say that the slaves in English societies are more free than many of the unchained, yet socially-shackled persons in many nations, including India.

The infection: Now what I am trying to convey here is that once the feudal elements come into social and economic prominence in English nations, with a full environment of feudal languages, then the native-English speaker would discern the same social strangulation that the lower status natives of feudal language nations do endure. Yet, the affect could have a very, agonizing affect in the English person. For, he would feel the sting, and that too very sharply. For he is not used to such feelings. And in his language, it is not there. However, when he is with a group of persons who linger around him to sort of educate him to bow, bend, be obsequious, not use certain type of addressing which in English do signify just dignified means of communication, understand that sitting in a senior person’s presence is a crime, have to suffix many words to seniors with self-derogatory words etc., then it is time to understand that the nation is infected by the virus.

This virus is very powerful. Its power expands exponentially with the passage of time, and also due to a very funny, yet pathetic situation of other English persons who have not yet felt the sting or its crippling power, trying to understand the pathos and obvious distress of the inflicted individuals as evidence of mental arrogance, egoism, racial prejudice etc.