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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 4 - A fast-paced contemplative glance
1. The Mystical Powers of Language

Now it is time to think of what all changes can come about in the USA, with the coming of a so-called global village.

I would start the debate from the premises of my earlier postulate, and theory that language and words do have a sort of mystical power, which can be understood with no need to recourse to supernatural themes, but by just going through their running social communication software. Again there are a few themes to be borne in mind. First of all, America is an English nation, a creation of the British. It is prosperous because it is English. All around the world there are a large number of non-English nations, ruled and also under the thraldom of strong socially prominent groups, where the general population is not rich, and are living lives of high exploitation.

A hundred dollars would be roughly equal to Rupees 5000/- in India. It may be understood that the vast majority of Indians have a monthly wage less than Rs.1000/-. An Ironworker in the construction industry would get around Rs.3000/- to Rs.6000/-, depending on his skills, and also provided he works on all days of the month. That is, a skilled Ironworker from India can displace any native-American skilled Iron worker if he is paid around 40 to 50 dollars per month.

NOTE: The above paragraph was written circa 2000 AD.

The American Heritage: America seemed to be a very intelligent nation, from its very infancy. However, this is a very wrong and incorrectly understood theme. For, even though USA seems a new nation, it came with centuries of British experience in nation running, military training, international trade, jurisprudence, administration, policing, town-planning and many other things, and also with the most wonderful of communication software, namely English. It is easy to treat this dialogue with a callous disdain. However, I know what difference it makes if a person or society knows English. For, I have had the opportunity to study at close quarters the difference in many personal attributes, there are between persons who are at ease in English and those who do not know English. Persons who were lucky enough to have been born in English nations do not really understand this factor, and many could even think that English is just like any other language, like say Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Chinese etc. They are making a very deep mistake, which can have very deep negative affects for the whole nation, if they come into decision-making positions, of their nations.

The desperate attempts: Now before going further with the philosophical aspects of this theme, let me recount one incident in my life. It was the year 1987. I was in Madras city in Tamil Nadu state in India. Even then, I was very much concerned about the imminent crowding of English nations by non-English nationalities. Why I was deeply concerned about it does have a definite answer, but being a slightly complicated, yet lucid reason, cannot be dealt with here.

One day a Management consultation firm, with which I was having a certain level of connection at that time, called me. When I went there, I saw two Sikh youths. I was told that they wanted to go to USA for permanent residence. Due to some reasons, they feared that their visa application for visit could be rejected. They were bent on going, for they said that their relatives were there and are eagerly awaiting them. Now, both of them did not know much English, and whatever they conveyed to me, was in a mixture of Hindi and broken English. They had presented two workable options to the consultants, who were not much experienced in this type of activities. The Sikh youth said that money was not an issue, if the ends could be achieved.

The first option they presented was to contact the ISKON, that is the International Sri. Krishna Consciousness movement. IKSON was having periodic US tours for visiting their temples over there. The plan was to go with this tour, and once they reach US, their relatives would come and take them, and they could easily vanish. Though I was not intimately involved with this consultant firm, as a person who could do smooth communications, I did at times take up some part-time assignments. So, I went to the ISKON office in Madras. They informed me that one group of visitors would be presently going to USA, and my friends can also join them. The US tour was ostensibly for seeing the American ISKON temples. However, when I informed them that my friends were Sikhs, then they said it won’t be possible, as for one thing at that time, due to believed terrorist connections, it would not be possible to get visas. Moreover the visa officials tend to understand that Sikhs would not return, once they reach US.

Now, the youths took out their second option. They wanted a visa to go to Mexico. Why? Because they said that once they reach Mexico, they can literally walk through the border to US, using money as a serviceable tool in Mexico. Their relatives in US would also be at hand to lend a hand.

I don’t know what ultimately happened after that. For I met them only twice and then I moved out, and had no more contact with them and the consultant firm.

I have narrated this incident just to bring into sharp focus the danger America is facing. For, when I did mention about the whole illegality of the whole process to the consultant firm’s senior person, he, with cynical brevity, told me that the present-day citizens of US are also immigrants, and the land is not theirs. So, anybody can go there, with no qualms.

If the present-day natives of US do not get perturbed by this story, I can only pity them. For, they do not know what it is that is converging on all English nations, from all directions. I am saying this because all around me are persons with very contemptuous attitude to English citizens, and very egoistic about their own capabilities, and with a very feudal language software running in their minds. Yet they are in continuous and sincere planning to reach the English shores, as fast as possible.

The underlying paradox: Before going on with the main theme, I want to tell another small incident. This was told to me by a person who is now in the US. Her one cousin was residing in the UK. He was in a sound and well-established business. The year was around 1986. This man wanted to marry. Though he was a citizen of UK, he wanted to marry a girl who was domiciled in his native nation only, that is India. Why? He told his cousin something to the effect that all English girls were, more or less, morally loose. With some allusion to the fact that he has had many of them. Naturally, he was not impressed with Indian girls living in England. He wants a homely girl, who has studied classical dances, and had imbibed the highly idolised Indian culture. Now, one may note this theme.

Recently, that is around six months back, a man who is now residing in the USA came back for a few weeks. He lives with his wife over there in the US. Both are computer professionals. He told his friend that the White men are not good. For, if they come and invite them for any party, then they invariably look at his wife also, and invite her also for the party. At the party, they try to dance with her.

It may not be easy to discern the paradox when both the stories are compared. In the first one, the hero wants to and does dance with English girls, and comes back with loud disdain for them. Yet he wants a wife who he can keep in isolation, and who cannot be induced to party with his English companions. In the second theme, the protagonist also, if he were alone, would hunger to dance with White girls and women, yet his own wife should be at a touch-me-not distance.

I personally do not think that one needs to party and dance, if one is not at ease in such settings. For, in a free, country there would be immense other things to do, if one has the social calibre enough inside the brain. The stories that I have inserted here are just what I heard, and naturally I thought I would add them here. However, do not make me responsible for any uncomfortable feelings it may evoke. Mentally I do not have any affinity with both the groups involved.