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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 1 - An Introduction to a perspective
Great Britain

Now let me discuss Great Britain (or rather England). Britain was just an island on the fringe of the European continent. Yet it has been the most significant nation on earth, when the total effect its presence has caused for the whole world is taken into account; and most of it of a rare positive quality. Being very near to the European continent, the social systems and philosophies that prevailed all over Europe influenced Britain also.

The British language, that is English, may also possibly have been having a certain level of feudalism in it in the far away ancient times. Yet, it may have certain areas, which allowed aristocracy to debate the issue of Magna Cart with the Monarchy, and yet not destroy the prestige of the Monarchy, and make the whole affair into an intelligent experience. The significance of what I said here is that in many other language environments what had happened would have led to a lot of simmering anger due to bruised egos, which would have been a result of the running of the language software through the minds and mouths of a lot of persons. This would have led to the destruction of the political system; instead of the strengthening of the system that, took place in England.

Whatever be the ancient character of the British language, that is English, it must have slowly developed in a most positive manner, shedding it hierarchical character (it did have any), from among the common communication. And then Britain started becoming different from the other European nations. Slowly the language started allowing the common men, the freedom to communicate to each other without any reference to their age, social, official or financial position. It was a wonderful experience that most of the mankind all round the world is yet to experience. This is the real reason for the blossoming of so many scientific discoveries in Britain, and also of so many remarkable incidents in the British history.

This is the real reason, why a common British citizen could think of the Gravitational* pull and then lead on the argument to reach the realm of classical science; why the British administrative systems, though remarkably simple, was unique; why every branch of human knowledge bloomed in the minds of the common citizens, while at the same time many other country were filled with remarkable scholars, and hallowed persons, with negligible contributions to human knowledge. And this is the reason why British claim themselves as a nation of geniuses*, when actually they are only a nation of ordinary persons using their brains and social communication to process ideas in a most un-harried and unhindered atmosphere.

At the same time, the supreme geniuses and scholars of the feudal nations had to preserve a significant part of their daily thought and attention for maintaining and extracting their proper respect, decorum and dignity, especially from the lower class of people. Their every action would be first and foremost aimed at impressing the least of the persons in the society. And the least of the citizens could disturb them with the most minor of words, used in a heartless and indifferent manner.

In this context, a mention may be made of the European Nation; a conglomeration of diverse European nations. Britain has not joined it. To put it in so many words, Britain has saved itself from a sure route to unmitigated disaster. To deliberate more on this issue, many more themes have to be finished. When the basis of my contention is set and ready, I will come back to this theme.