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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 1 - An Introduction to a perspective
The Jews

I am not in a position to make much comment on Jews, other than comment from the basis of some of their international reactions and something from their antiquity.

One thing that has caught my imagination is the history of Jesus Christ*. Taken from a secular point of view, many of his deeds do smack of an attitude of a revolutionary, bent on wiping out the corruption and the strangling hold on the society by a section of the dominant class. At the same time, at the end of the scene, the very section, that is the common people, who should have seen him as their saviour against the exploitation by the master class, cried for his blood. Both these phenomena do point to a sort of feudal content in their language. For, stifling domination by a section is a very sharp pointer to a feudal language structure. And the fact that at the end of all the show the people would still bend before the powers that be is also a feudal-language phenomenon. For, a feudal language does lend an enchantment to all higher positions that one really reels with pleasure whenever one gets an occasion to appease the higher person, and achieve his pleasing approval.

Now, I am in a premise that I do not have much idea about. So, my comments may need to be confirmed. But then all my judgements regarding languages and nations that I do not know much about, are based on information, which came to me through reading and comments, on the basis of which I have developed some understanding on them. At the same time, I stand by the correctness of my original understanding that there is a factor of the structure of the language that defines all social phenomena.

Another thing that has to influence this understanding about the Jews, is the consistent nuisance value, they have evoked in almost all nations, where they were in financial power. The word nuisance should be qualified here. For in many places, where they lived, there has been antipathy to them socially. Yet, it need not always be that they are in the wrong. They may be positive in a negative society, or they may be negative in a positive society, or both may be negative. These ideas also need to be discussed in relation to certain factors in their spoken language. I do not know much about what they spoke either during the age of Jesus Christ, or in during the recent centuries. Their language is considered to be Hebrew*. Or was it Aramaic? But then, what they did speak in other nations like Germany among themselves, and how much some other language features influenced their spoken languages like German, I have no idea. Or whether, they were disturbed by the feudalism in the local languages like German etc., is also a moot point.