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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 1 - An Introduction to a perspective
The South American continent

Now let us move to the South American Continent. A place with a strange antiquity. A place where the Continental European blood (non-English), mixed and lived in close quarters with the native blood. A place where Continental European languages, impacted with the native languages. Both could have feudal elements. Or only one side could have it. Now it does not matter. For, I am sure the present day languages in these nations are heavily imbedded with feudal inclinations and dispositions.

In a nation, where each person may try desperately to cling on to some superior claim in ancestry, or blood, or lineage, to escape the suppression by the language, and where the other individual may not be inclined to accept the more likeable aspects and may allude to the more disparaging aspects, tensions and intense animosity would linger around in the social circles, like a haunting ghost. This negativity would haunt the minds and social systems. It would lead the nations to what they now have in common: political and social instability along with economic chaos.

Historically, these countries, which did have a history of colonialism, do have another common feature or missing: These countries did not have English colonialism. So the one thing, they missed was the enduring administrative systems and rule of law, which was a characteristic feature of British colonialism all round the world. This English colonial rule legacy, if they had, would have given them some degree of stability.

At the same time, they on their own have failed to create any stable systems. Absolutely due to a mixture of feudal languages and heterogeneous population. Hence among these countries, the stable ones would only be those ruled by despots i.e., persons who are venerated and have a halo around them. Ordinary concepts of practice of democracy would be converted into farce.

I may not assert here that if five persons meet on the street, and interact in close quarters for a few hours, they would start fighting. However there might be enough ingredients in the language to cause it to happen, if the combination of individuals is from a definite, well defined, or pre-definable mixture of social, age, financial and official positions.

All the constant civil wars, and military coups, and other civil strife could be the result of a real need for the people to reach a level of contentment. For, every man and group of men, who reach the various levels of power would suddenly or slowly metamorphosis into unbelievable, unapproachable entities; a change that the language programme would force very naturally.