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March of the Evil Empires!
English versus the feudal languages!!
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First drafted in 1989. First online edition around 2000
It is foretold! The torrential flow of inexorable destiny!
Part 1 - An Introduction to a perspective
Asian capitalistic countries

As a total generalisation, I would state here that the amount of feudal content in Asian languages might be more in quantity and also in intensity. This I mainly infer from the messy looks of the Asian town planning, messy administrative structures and also from the general stunted anthropological looks in persons of a number of areas, with a few exceptions.

Now let us take the case of the Asian Capitalistic Nations. Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan etc. Japan, we have already discussed in isolation. Here I may make some sweeping generalisations.

None of these countries are, and never can be capitalistic countries. What is going to be identified as capitalism is just feudalism, in a more cunning and ingenious attire. Actually in these places what exists, as capitalism is really a metamorphosed form of ancient feudalism. All these societies have a non-tangible ingredient, which acts as a limiting factor to liberating the people and keeps them under the tutelage of despots, minor or major. This non-tangible factor is the feudal language software codes.

The English West, mainly America, has consistently taken an attitude of helping the growth of capitalism, in these countries, thinking that it would give more liberty to the people. However the reality is that it is not the common people who come up. Only a certain limited number of persons, who act in constant association with the ruling and local bureaucracy, get all the benefits. These persons also put all their ingenuity to see that the common person does not achieve the liberty that was originally aimed for. For, in a feudal language set-up, it could severely challenge their positions.

Many times, America has helped the ruling forces to tackle the outburst of the suppressed populace, identifying them with leftist upstarts. Herein I must interject the contention that Englishman with rectitude from any native English-speaking country would be able to bear the life in these Asian countries as an ordinary citizen or bear what the local citizen is made to live as. Leftist ideology is only a trap that awaits the intellectual person who desperately seeks a solution for the miseries he sees. From the background of this reality, the English West to taking sides with the ruling forces in the Asian countries, be it in Japan, India, China, Sri. Lanka or anywhere else is actually an act of perversion and misguided intellectual arrogance.

Liberal capitalism is an outgrowth of English Language.

This statement requires much more elaboration. I state it for the time being and leave it as that, till I come to a place, when I can elaborate with more inputs.

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