The SHROUDED SATANISM in FEUDAL LANGUAGES! Tribulations and intractability of improving others!!


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This book I wrote, I presume, in 2013.

It is a huge book of epic parameters.

The basic underlying theme is the essential difference, planar-languages has with feudal-languages.

Feudal languages are quite powerful, in that, the moment they are spoken, the social structure and human relationships change powerfully into a custom-design hierarchy, depending on the language.

When planar-languages are spoken, the social system and human relationship shift towards a planar arrangement.

For a planar-language social system to experience feudal-language communication is a very creepy experience. Individuals can go berserk. Mental trauma and emotional terrors, which cannot be understood by the native-English, will effect individuals selectively; with the others having no idea that some individuals among them have been effected.

This is a very vital piece of information which all native-English nations should understand. For, youngsters, persons engaged in professions which are defined in pejorative usages in feudal-languages, and various others can literally go mentally ill, when accosted or connected with feudal-language speakers.

The issue of Gun violence in the US in which innately decent and peaceful persons go homicidal can be directly or indirectly connected to the affliction caused by feudal languages. I very specifically mention the name of Adam Purinton in this connection.

It is dangerous to allow bilingualism to run riot in native-English nations, if the other language is a feudal-language. For, feudal languages do have carnivorous codes. Inside feudal-language nations, people do keep a distance from lower-positioned persons and groups of persons, who can, if they want, bite them verbally, without the use of any abusive word, profanity or expletive. Simply change the indicant-word level of certain key words. The terrific damage is done.

Modern psychology and psychiatry can be utter nonsense. They do not know about these things.

Verbal signals can trigger various kinds of switch-on and switch-off effects in others. Instead of focusing on the person who has been affected, it would be more intelligent and effective to find out who is sending the switch-on and switch-off signals. And send them home to their home-lands.

Feudal languages can create mutation in physical features, emotional balance, human relationships, national economy, and stature of professions, and in many more things about which native-English nations have no information on.

It is dangerous for the native-English to learn feudal-languages, when living in the midst of feudal-language speakers. It would only have the effect of allowing the feudal-language speakers to place a powerful grip on them, physically and mentally. In fact, the feudal languages speakers would literally be able to control the emotional stability of the native-English speakers, if they can be made to understand feudal languages.

It would be like string-puppetry. The native-English who have learned feudal languages can literally be made to dance, yell and jump as per the pull and push that can be conveyed by means of the holding strings of the verbal codes in feudal-languages.

At the same time, for feudal language speakers, knowing English is a great advantage. It would give a very powerful pathway and bridge for them to crossover the various gorges in their own communication code and enter into the placid native-English locations.

As of now, almost all native-English nations are simply getting dismantled and disarrayed by the spread of feudal-language speakers inside their vital areas. Things are going into various errors. Much worse is in the offing, unless effective steps are taken to forestall them.

I wrote this book some five years back. In this book, a bit of the personal experiments I have done many years ago on certain individuals has been mentioned.

This book is not focused on the internal codes in feudal-languages. This book moves through the peripheral areas of many other items, including the English colonial rule in the subcontinent.

Addendum for chapter 79: This was written by me some years back, when I had seen the English Royal Family as a sort of last hope. However, as of now, I have lost hope in them also, as the British Royal Family has turned Multiculture.

There is need to rethink on this issue