My Online Writings 2004 - 07

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This book contains many of my online writings. I started my online writings first on the forum pages of the website: ukresidentcom in the year 2004. Many of the writings here could be from that period. Later this site took a business direction did not suit the general style and contents of my writings.

Not all my online writings are given here.

It may be noted that I write under the penname/username of VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS

No attempt has been made to edit or correct the grammatical & spellings errors in the original posts.


1March of the Evil Empires:

2First letter to UKResident

3International Intervention

4Schools with Asian language study

5Immigration to English nations

6The colonial experience

7The finer aspect of job outsourcing:

8The Power of the Web as a media:

9Back to Schools

10We are White and we are proud.

11The other face of ‘Terrorism’.12have they gone NUTs

13Rantisi Assasinated

14Nick Griffin BNP


16Monarchy v Republic

17Joining the Euro: Don’t do an historic blunder

18Princess Michael of Kent, a Royal Bigot?

19Spying on the UN

20Changes in America

21Hijjab - Religious dress code, Have the French got it right?

22Chinese School Janitor attacks nursery school kids (in China).

23Prince Charles:, Eternal Bachelor

24Answering Oldfred

25How did the British, who came to India in very, very small numbers, get to acquire the whole place?

26Perspective from a vantage position

27Is Oldfred still around?

28What one could lose


30Business Process Outsourcing

31Immigration policy & Freedom of Speech

32Education: Formal verses informal

33Israel’s “Terrorism” Barrier

34The London Olympic Bid, will the benefits outweigh the costs?

35Thatcher son arrested for alleged coup link, can mommy bail him out?

36Tsunami and the British legacy, Part I: What exists below the surface

37The foreign worker and economic prosperity, A thinking in construction

38A theme from the Reader’s Digest

39The legitimacy of the Asylum seekers


41Delete multiculturalism

42Euro Myths, here are some of them

43Inter-racial marriages in the House of Windsor


45What ails Britain?, My inferences

46What I am trying to convey

47New Spanish Government

48Was Iraq right?

49Suffering dogs and starving kids

50Princess Diana Inquest


52Why the left is wrong about Israel

53Feudalism in British languages

54The European Union, Case for keeping away

55God save the Queen

56Is halal slaughter cruel?

57Asian work motivation

58Democracy Vs. Dictatorship


60US and England

61Should Blair distance himself from Bush?, Your views...

62Israeli Home Demolitions

63The Crooked British

64Enemy combatant maltreatment

65British contributions

66Vernacular English, Rejoinder to Welshman and Attila

67Feudal Languages: A delineation

68A quote and a reply

69Forced Metamorphosis of English nations

70A strange perspective

71How to Win the War on Terrorism

72Exporting Americanism

73Should the British pull out of Iraq?

74Envisage, and forestall the perils

75Equal Parental Access?

76Train and Coach Travel

77An intelligent immigration policy

78Leaving School at 16

79Disinterested musings on formal scholarships

80The asylum

81Black police quotas

82Hijjab - Religious dress code

83Whatever Happened to the UK

84Gibraltar & British Rule

85The foreign worker and economic prosperity

86English Classical Writers

87The Moon and Sixpence and A Thing of Beauty

88Do I miss the old comics?

89The varied reading

90Smacking Children

91When the Princess died


93Cricket’s thread

94Britain Really Did Rule The Waves

95Business Process Outsourcing

96Financing the Royal Family

97Will Saddam have a fair trial?

98Now, what might happen in Iraq?

99Hindi Movies

100Royal Navy sailors arrested by Iran!

101Non-English social systems in English societies

102The compulsions of Robert Clive

103Achieving equality with the English, By going up or by bringing down?

104The impending suffocation

105The tragedy of being Saddam Hussein


107The Timer, the Knell, the Codes, the Encryption

108Quality of knowledge

109. Macaulay and Bollywood, Dispeller and distributors of poison

110. Multicultural contributions, how much can we withstand

111. Envisaging the future, Enlarging on Evansthespy’s misgivings

112. If I were

113. Virginia University Campus shooting

114. Can someone please explain, UK doctors working abroad