INDIAN MARRIED LIFE: The undercurrents!

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This book was written by me some years ago, when a prominent publisher from New Delhi gave me this specific topic to write on. However, I did not complete the writing to my own satisfaction. Even today, a huge part of what I had planned to write still remains inside my head.

When I recently went through this writing, I found that it is having a lot of readable points. So, I am publishing this book in an as-it-is form. Since it was written for another publisher, with a specific aim, the writing style is slightly different from my current writing style. Moreover, it has a tone of an instructor imparting learning. I must admit that I cannot don the mantle of an instructor or coach in the subject matter that I have dealt with. However a lot of points have been discussed, which the reader may find quite interesting to ponder on.

Yet, the fact should be mentioned that this book is not a creation of my intellectual passions. But simply a book written with pecuniary aims at the time of writing.