Horrendous India!

A parade of facade in verbal codes!

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Satanic social arrangement

It is generally taught in all Indian schools that the British taught English to the Indians to make them their slaves, and to make them better clerks. This idea may also be understood in the same manner in England also. For the current British understanding of the British rule in India is remarkably similar to what is indoctrinated in India.

The India (or rather the geographical area currently called Pakistan, India & Bangladesh) that was seen by the British officials who lived in India was quite different from that understood by the stay-at-home Britons over there in England/Britain. For the stay-at-home Britons, India was just another place where nice people lived, and were subordinated by the British colonialists. However, to the Britons who lived in British India, the reality that they saw was remarkably different.

One of the major observations was the satanic nature of the Indian social arrangement and of social communication. Communication was absolutely different from English. In fact, in the Indian languages, human beings appeared in a variety, shaded by differing diabolic features. The main reason for this was the feudal content in the languages. All Indian languages have this feature, but the codes may slightly differ, as one move from North Indian languages to South Indian languages.