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This book is not about education, but about the astronomical levels of information and experiences outside formal education.

THE NONSENSE and the TERROR The concept of compulsory education is an utter nonsense propagated by mediocre persons who first of all do not know what they are saying. Second, they are persons who want to escape their responsibilities through an easy route. In nations like India, where the language is feudal, to develop the underdog, all they have to do is not to use the pejorative, lower indicant words towards them. And provide them the chance to learn English. Also talk to them in English. Most of the suppression that come to bear upon the underdogs will disappear with these two things.

However, the reality is that almost all of the people who really speak about improving the underdog will literally tremble at this type of improvement that can dawn upon the lower class. For, they would really improve and become equal to them. However these crooks will still go on declaiming about discrimination and racism among the English folks, and many other things. At the same time, they would quite quietly forget that all discrimination starts with themselves, the moment they use lower indicant, pejorative feudal words and usages to their own fellowmen