Travancore State Manual V0l 1


along with Commentary by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS

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TRAVANCORE STATE MANUAL Vol 1 in 2 parts - International

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The Travancore State Manual Volume One is a huge book, not only on the antiquity of Travancore, but also on the various other features of the place. It is not just a book on the history of the place.

To get to know something about the antiquity of Travancore, this book might be quite useful. There are locations where everything looks quite honest. There are also locations where one would have to be a bit wary in imbibing the contentions and arguments. However on the whole, this is a good book.

The next item of jingoistic reproach would be the very obvious support to the English colonial rule in the Subcontinent, just next door to Travancore kingdom. This feature can be felt in many pages dealing with the English colonial times in the subcontinent.

This edition of this book has two parts for Volume One.