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The text and the various images inside the original THE NATIVE RACES OF SOUTH AFRICA has been taken from scanned copies of this book. A lot of effort has been taken to make the book error free. However, no guarantee that the book is error-free is offered.

We do not claim that there are no text errors, missing text, missing pages, blurry images, blurry text and such other errors in the book. Customers who buy this book should understand this. They should buy the book only if they agree to this.

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Please note that the original THE NATIVE RACES OF SOUTH AFRICA is in one volume. However, in this edition, the full book has been reformatted into two volumes. Plus, there will be the Commentary also.

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This file contains the full book ‘THE NATIVE RACES OF SOUTH AFRICA’.

Along with that there is a commentary also. The commentary may have its own significance.

The commentary does stand on this platform of being a commentary to the book.

However, the commentary does not actually confine itself within this boundary. Instead, there is a wider attempt to understand non-English social systems. Attempts can be seen made to mention things that are there in these social systems, about which the native-English world has no information on.

In this connection, the native-English mindset as well as social ambience is being compared with the corresponding items in Continental Europe, Asia, South-Asia, Africa, and Arabia as well as in South America &c. The pathway to this has been routed through the internal codes inside the native-languages of these areas.

After that, a very quaint mention is being made about how the various social systems all around the world can be brought to a level very serene refinement. This is actually a location of intelligent and purposeful social engineering.