along with Commentary by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS

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The book is essentially Alfred Douglas’ version of what really happened. It is good quality writing. From a person who obviously is from a high mental stamina.

In this book, a commentary can also be found. This commentary is not about the events mentioned in the book. It is rather an attempt to see if the events had been triggered by an insidious attempt by a feudal language mentality to wreak havoc upon a planar language (pristine-English) social set up.

Since the author of the commentary is not from either of the language systems therein, the discourse is more or less exploratory. However, the whole of the thought-stream might be quite novel and sort of outlandish for people who have not heard of such a thing as ‘feudal language’.

From this perspective, it might be mentioned that this book might contain solid information on what might be going wrong in the vital insides of all native-English nations, as they get constantly bombarded with population groups whose innate language codes are not known or understood.