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20. About denial without any information


In my teenage days, I was a rationalist. I did actively participate in the activities of the local state Rationalist Association. The year was around 1982.


None of the others in the Association with whom I was associated with, had any English background and most of them might not even have heard of English Classics.


No one could even contemplate upon modern-day computers, internet and apps like Telegram. Actually in those days, computers were in the peripheral frontiers of human existence, somewhere far-off in such sublime locations as England and America (the US).


The general tendency, in the rationalists of those with whom I had very slender association, was denial without any information.


I have had direct experience with many things which border on superstition. This is not an uncommon attribute in most persons. I have had a more than a few consultations with professional astrologers. I did notice that even they were actually working on an apparatus which they could not understand fully.


When consulting about some other person, the astrologer did even ask me to imagine that person in my mind.


From the local rationalist perspective, this was some kind of utter nonsense.


What can I picturing a person in my mind have any effect on any external action?


But then with my information on software slowly gaining strength, and I slowly visualising human intelligence as the working of some supernatural software, a gleam of light started falling upon my thoughts.


When I imagine a person, naturally in my brain-software some software coding is rapidly creating that picture. Whether this work is done in my own brain or in some external virtual location, I cannot say for sure.


But then software is a very fabulous item, with unearthly capabilities. Even the lightning speed, at which Telegram works, has been a very humbling experience. Then imagine the powers of the supernatural software of which I am earnestly contemplating upon.


As of now, there is the biometric identification of a very specific person by just a mere scanning of his or her thumb or some other finger impression. In India, it is used for Aadhar Card. From around one billion and more persons, that very person’s details appear.

Then what about dreams?


Surely they are the work of some software mechanism. Either inside a human brain or somewhere else in a different software location.


Surely to run a video inside the brain or in some other software location, a media player and a virtual screen might be required. This is the understanding at the current level of software technology.  There is no other known media player or video screen inside a human brain that runs on electro-chemical reactions.


When I speak of external virtual location, I remember the occasion in around 2004, when the British forum web website send me their logo button to be placed in my website. It was just a minor bit of codes. No real visible button was there in what they sent. And when the codes were embedded in my website, their logo button appeared on my website.


And the more intriguing fact was that their button was actually in their web-server and not in my web-server. And more curious was the experience of seeing items from so many other web-servers appearing on my website when I pasted some codes connected to them each. My web-pages appeared to be a sort of assembling place for a lot of things from different and totally unconnected web-servers.


Could not the human brain also be some kind of assembling place of code work from different virtual locations?


Surely human emotions are also created by some supernatural software. And vice-versa, emotions can create code writings inside the brain software.


It was a very curious experience of mine that when going through the working of Homoeopathy, I came across the importance given to mental condition and to sensations. In fact, these two were seen to be given a very important place in selecting a so-called drug or medicine.


Actually these two items are mere feelings and do not seem to have any physical existence. How can anyone prescribe a drug based on mere feelings, which are mere nothings in material terms?


And what are Homoeopathy drugs? They are more or less nothing in physical terms. In fact, they do not have any mass that can be measured by any measuring machine.


For how can one measure the size or mass or volume of a software in physical terms?  Does a 100 Mb software weigh more than a 1000 mb software? There surely is a content difference. But not one which can be weighed by a common balance.


Actually all these charming insights were relentlessly connecting to my other observations on feudal language codes and its effects on human and animal demeanour and bearing.

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