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2. The numerous distinct areas that were there in Malabar


I am going to write here, tiny pieces of simple information that have all been conveniently pushed into oblivion under heaps of formal academic research and rubbish.


I belong to a place in South Asia, which was formerly known as British Malabar. By birth location, I belong to North Malabar. However, by ancestry I do have a blood mix of both North Malabar as well as South Malabar.


Malabar itself is a tiny location in the total geographical extent of South Asia. However, North Malabar and South Malabar were two different regions before the advent of the English rule in the region.


At least two of the significant ethnic groups in north Malabar peoples had some kind of social aversion to the corresponding ethnic peoples in south Malabar.


There were so many minute and still more minute kingdoms in the region. When the English East India Company took over the rule of the locality, they had to come to some kind of treaty with the following kings / kingdoms or localities.  Most of these ‘kingdoms’ were not full-fledged kingdoms as such. But still their rulers held sway over their location and the peoples living therein.


1. Kolattunad (Kolattiri),

2. Randattara,

3. Tellicherry and Darmapatam,

4. Iruvalinad,

5. Kurangoth,

6. Kottayam,

7. Kadattanad,

8. Pyaad (under Calicut),

9. Kurumbranad,

10. Tamarasseri (under Kottayam),

11. Polanad (under Calicut),

12. N. Parappanad,

13. S.Parappanad,

14. Ramanat (under Calicut),

15. Cheranad (under Calicut),

16. Erand (under Calicut),

17. Walluvanad (under Vellatiri),

18. Walluvanad (under Calicut),

19. Nedunganad (under Calicut),

20. Kavalapara, 

21. Temmalapuram (under Calicut),

22. Betttatnad,

23. Kutnad (under Calicut),

24. Chavakkad & Chetwai (under Calicut),

24. Wynad (under Kottayam),


This much is seen from the English East India Company records, I believe.


However, before the advent of the English Company rule, some other kingdoms in Malabar are also seen mentioned. Such as Beypore, Thanniyoor, Korangot, Chavghatt, Edathara, Mannur &c.  

I am not sure if there is any mix-up of names in the first list with those in the second list.


Malabar is a very small place. English Company set-up its headquarters in a place called Tellicherry.  The total length of Malabar, both North and South, would be around 350 kms. And the width could vary from around 50 to 150 km.


In the whole geography of the new nation of India, this is a very tiny area. And as of now, Malabar has been joined to the erstwhile Travancore kingdom location.


I wrote this much to point out that Travancore kingdom was not inside British-India.


Since the theme is an extremely complicated one, I need to go at an extremely tiny pace.

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