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19. Connecting language, reality and supernatural software into one package


Due to terrific shortage of time, maybe I will make a short shrift of the theme on Supernatural software background to reality, here.


As of now, I am more or less convinced that human body, intelligence, brain function, senses, sensations, emotions &c. and such are all run by some kind of extremely powerful software work. Even when I am writing this, I am aware of some massive software running at a tremendous speed either inside my own head or more possibly at some other virtual location. 


In fact, many years ago, I did write a book titled, Codes of Reality! What is language?


After publishing it online, I did happen to come across a medium-like person in a forest area. He used to have weekly spiritual meetings, in which a section of the local socially-tormented folks used to assemble. Maybe due to my presence in that meeting once, he made a pointed mention of what runs reality.  He said that during the pregnancy period in a human woman, a computer of computing power roughly equivalent to around 35000 times of the greatest computers of our times was monitoring and enforcing continuous correction into that woman’s body mechanism.


The medium was a person of bare formal education, and he had never seen a computer. The year must have been 2013 or so. I also noticed that he could listen to some voice that appeared to arrive in his ears. He would listen to that and give answers to certain person’s queries or else he would make general predictions.


I had met this person first some time in around 2003. In one of the declamations he made in one of those meeting, he gave very curious wording, after listening to the voice, among a lot of other predictions. He said, ‘Huge water will come and kill many persons in some place in the world.’


In that interior location, where most people did not even read newspapers and there was no internet or any such things, these words are simply lost, in the midst of other predictions connected to the persons’ present over there.

It was quite curious. And in those times, such things as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri etc. were in the distant future, within the purview of mental illness if at all imagined then.


I got disconnected from him. And later got to meet him again around 2013 or so.


I did also later see this medium suddenly going wrong in all his predictions, as if the virtual assistant that was feeding him with the information was, either deliberately or due to some software error, giving him wrong information.

That there is a software background to reality is plausible. Even the so-called greatest of scientists, Sir Isaac Newton, was not actually a scientist, but more or less an Occultist. I can understand that he was also in desperate search for something that was beyond physical reality.


Then there is Samuel Hahnemann. He also might have faced the problem of how to explain an item that could actually be defined as ‘software’.


It is not easy to explain what a ‘software’ is to someone who has no information of computers and Smartphone. I have seen computer operators making a mockery of the definition way back in the 1990s, when they made a desperate attempt to explain it to persons who had not seen or used a computer.


To a person who has no information on software and its capabilities, it is the stuff of pseudoscience, mental illness, audio and visual hallucination, quackery, ingenious hoax and a disingenuous means of sneaky livelihood.


Actually physical science is a mere juvenile, when compared to what software is. Even though currently all digital gadgets work on software, the general feeling is that it’s is the advancement of physical sciences that is being seen. However, the fact is that it is the capability of software this is being displayed. Physical science is simply piggy-back riding on software capabilities and gathering the applause in shifty cunning. Software is not physical science. It is more or less beyond physical science. It is another reality.


I now need to come back to what transpired in me that brought me to inter-connect the mutually unconnected items, language, reality and supernatural software into one package. 


Maybe I will do that in my next post.

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