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What is entering?

17. The terror of being among one’s own people


I have no time to spare. This new writing has literally encroached into the time I had kept apart for so many other things.


I think I will make a very perfunctory writing on the topic of the supernatural software arena, and leave the topic and reach back to English colonial experiences.


I did make a digital book out of Edgar Thurston’s Omens and Superstitions of Southern India. It was a very curious insight that I received on doing this work. That many of the so-called superstitions and superhuman capabilities of certain divinities could be very easily identified with modern digital / software technology and its aspirations.


Another item is that the English officials of the English Company were not able to understand the logic inside so many kinds of human emotional responses to the local verbal communications. That, a small verbal code can induce terrific effects even at far distances in the social hemisphere. The How of it and also the Why of it.


It is like this. I have seen that in many writing locations (including the Wikipedia Talk page), wherein I place a very feeble link to any one of my writings, many persons go wild with anger.  A person, who does not understand what an HTML link is, may not understand why such a feeble looking item can cause so much distress.


It is simply that even though the link looks quite frail, it can literally transport the reader to another location in the virtual world. A person, who can really understand what this is, could actually stand spellbound at the terrific power encoded invisibly inside a web-link.


In the same manner, in feudal languages, words have powers of the nth degree, so to say.


I have experienced this in a very supreme manner. In my familial connections, I can mention close relations with low social heights, as well as those with social heights of the resounding levels. As per the local vernacular logic, one needs to display or flaunt intimate connections to persons with superior social or official stature. This very naturally induces the higher encoding in words like You, Your, Yours, He, His, Him, She, Her, Hers &c.


Due to my quixotic propensity to follow pristine-English tendencies, usually I refrain from mentioning any social or familial connections, neither high nor low, when I am in distant social settings. It is a very queer experience in the vernacular world. It is a sort of state of free fall or rather like being outside the grip of any kind of gravitation. It is indeed a very creepy situation.


In outer-space, where there is no gravitation, even a small push or pull can move an object in that direction. In the scenario that I have mentioned, the social system is not like outer-space.


There are powerful pulls and pushes everywhere in each and every verbal code. This again is not an experience that can be found to have any correspondence inside pristine-English.


In my life experience, I have found that a very small verbal connection to some other person or institution or family etc. can literally pull me through the social hemisphere with a power that cannot be imagined in English.  It can be to the lowest routes or to the highest echelons.


My experience is something that is not usually experienced by many other persons. They know the experience and are aware of the possibilities. But most persons would keep a very safe distance from this unearthly experience.


In a feudal language society, individuals are held hostage by the verbal codes. Many individuals are forced to hold on desperately to some strings to one or other social or official heights. A detachment from such strings can be a state of free-fall into the social depths in the verbal codes. Some would escape with a bruise. Some would end up totally flattened or contorted beyond recognition.


I think I have written here in a slight enigmatical as well as allegorical style. However, persons who know what I speaking about would be able to grasp the ideas quite graphically. Yet, for the native-English, the ideas mentioned above might seem to be some kind of clever writing bereft of any real substance.


However, that there is something of the explosive kind of phenomena at work in feudal languages can be seen in the fact that people from such social systems would risk their life and limbs to somehow escape to one native-English nation or other. Whatever explanation or excuse they might offer for this terrific mood for exodus, the truth might be that they simply want to live in a society which has been designed by the native-pristine-English.


What they are escaping from are their own people. For instance, if the native-English of England start an exodus to elsewhere, these people would also follow them. For, they would foresee their original fear sprouting up in England. That is, their being in the midst of their own people.


Here I do not speak of individual goodness or badness. That is immaterial here. It is like saying that a wild carnivorous animal is a fine gentleman, a honest person, a good father and a responsible husband. All these descriptions do not allude to the fact that this gentleman is still a wild beast.


Feudal languages have codes of a carnivorous character.


I have not being able to commence my thoughts on the supernatural software that exists behind physical reality. Maybe in my next post, words might reach that remote outpost, hopefully.

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