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16. The software route to cure a disease


I had intended to write in a very light tone here, more or less, alluding to deeper themes in the hope that the readers might be able to gather the wider ambit of the ideas on their own.  


However, that does not seem to be how the pathway is unravelling.  Already I have mentioned that I will write about a theme which might already be pre-defined in the reader’s mind as some kind of mumbo-jumbo.  To deal with this seemingly preposterous idea, I will have to place my mind into a more attentive state, than I can at the moment. 


I am a bit intimidated by the hugeness of the task ahead. However, let me prod on.


From the early years of my life, I was aware that the world as seen and understood in English was quite different from that experienced in feudal languages. Most people who live in one of these worlds do not know anything about the other. As to the others, those who live in a feudal language world and yet can oscillate into the English world at will, well, they simply know that the feel is different. However, they are not too much bothered about pondering on what the difference is.


Due to some quirky attitude in me to think in English even when the conversation and interactions were in the local native language, I was very much aware of some terrible unthinkable-in-English difference between English and the local vernacular.


Associations to and mentions of other persons, events &c. were seen to pull the conversation to extremely different pathways, depending on certain defining verbal codes connected to the indicant word level of such innocuous looking words such as You, He, She &c.


Even though the idea may be felt, by the reader, to be some kind of extremely subjective feelings, I was quite aware that these things did have real physical effects. In fact, depending on the indicant word level of these tiny words, the whole society was seen to be differentiated into interconnected segments. Interconnected, yes. But then, still different segments.


Pristine-English was seen to be the exact antonym of feudal languages. If one is seen as a positive software in one arena, it could be an exact negative item in another. The definition depended on what that particular arena wanted.


If a free communication system social system was required, pristine-English was the positive item required. Feudal languages were satanic viruses in that arena.


At the same time, if what was being designed is a graded social system in which the lower person has to be obsequious and servile to the higher, then a feudal language was the best item. Pristine-English can wreck havoc in this system.

It would be like Indian army’s shipai (lowest grade) soldiers being allowed to speak in English. Indian army will literally scatter into mutually antagonistic fragments unless that English is very carefully redesigned word by word to fit into the scheme of affairs in the Indian army.


I cannot say that such and such things led me to such and such thoughts. However, for the sake of continuing the flow of this writings, I will mention one or two items.


Due to some reasons, I did have some connection to Medical subjects. (As of now, I do not have any).


Some more than 20 years back, I did do a book on Human anatomy. It was done as a content development project. (Now, I do not take up any external work projects).  It was not original writing, but more or less rewriting already written medical text from various books into a different style.


I do not know if this is an ethnically correct thing to do, but that is how textbooks are written I think. I do not want to go into that.


It was my experience that in that book I did not find any physics, chemistry or biology items, other than what was necessarily human anatomy. Yet, there was some hidden mechanism that stood behind or even far away from the system (human body) which designed, maintained and even ran the machinery.


It was at that time that I got to work with computers and the internet. That is, around 1999 onwards.


I started noticing a lot of corresponding items between computers and internet on one side and life mechanism and human social functioning on the other. I do not remember exactly what the various items that crossed my mind were. However, from around 2004 onwards I did write brief and unconnected thoughts in this regard on the earlier-mentioned British forum pages. This I later collected and published online as a book:


Currently I do not know what is inside this book of mine. However, I have seen readers giving good opinion on it.


It was quite obvious that the phenomenon of life, thoughts, emotions &c. do have a software basis. Or something akin to a software about which we do not have any information upon as of now.


The current-day medical science has no information about this software basis of life. If the modern medical professionals cannot envisage such an item, it is simply because they do not have any information on software.


Over the years, I have come to understand that software is another world different from physical reality. It is not physics, chemistry, biology or mathematics.


My mind was slowly becoming quite accustomed to the idea that the life mechanism was actually the working of a supernatural software mechanism. If such an idea was plausible, then many human diseases could be redefined as an error in the software mechanism of life.


It was at that moment that life connected me in very close proximity to Homoeopathy. This was a field of activity which I had viewed with unrestrained repulsion. The main reason being that some of the qualified practitioners of this subject did not seem attractive from an intellectual perspective. The very word ‘quacks’ seem to fit them intimately.  (However, as of now, I do not hold such an extreme feeling about them.)


But then on close examination, the original medical whereabouts of Homoeopathy seemed to be way beyond the levels of these qualified practitioners.


I had a feeling that this medical system might hold the doorway to the idea that diseases can be cured by a software route.


This software route to cure an error is an extremely outlandish idea from the physical science perspective.


I will stop now. For, I fear that words might be stretching beyond the scope of a simple reading.

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