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What is entering?

15. About being aware of what it is that is swarming inside


Due to an acute lack of spare time, I find it difficult to gather my thoughts in a streaming manner.  Each of these posts might look, at times, slightly unconnected.


In my mind there are different aspects of this theme cramped together in a disorderly manner. Usually I do take pain to carefully pick-out items that can be strung together in a coherent flow. However, in this writing, I may not be able to do this.


What comes into my mind now is the supernatural software aspect I have mentioned. Maybe I should go a bit deeper into this theme.


I wrote my first draft on the theme of feudal languages around 1989, living in a small room in a far-from-home metropolitan city in India.


I did not know what to do with this draft then.


This draft does have a story of its own till around 2000.


During the days of the first draft, I had only rudimentary information on what a ‘software’ was. However, by 2000, I had built up some good working experience in software use.


It was only around 2002 that I could rewrite the whole idea into a huge book. 


The writing style of this book has some deficiencies. It was my belief then that that book would be my last book.


In that book, in the last part, I did write the following words. I place it here in the hope that this might act as a suitable introduction to the theme of supernatural software.



Likewise, one may carry the aura of one’s base class-level, wherever one goes, even if one does not convey the same verbally. A little part of this affect may be due to the body language. Whatever the reason, the indicant word level is conveyed. In fact, in a feudal language world, there is an almost invisible and also spontaneous transmission of one’s indicant word level. The cumulative effect of this would be an overwhelming social force on any individual.


I don’t know, if I have clearly conveyed what is in my mind. Yet, even if it is not clear, for I myself am not convinced that I did convey it in a good manner, it does not matter. For, I am myself not very clear about what is in my mind. Let it be a matter for the posterity to dabble on. For there is much that needs to be understood about the various aspects and the internal nature of the software program we generally call ‘language’.


I do believe with the deepest of my conviction that there is a wealth of information to be dug out from the depths of this software. In each line, and each loop, and each statement, inside the interiors of language softwares, there are very powerful social motivating, and positioning engines, waiting for the switch-on command. These engines can, not only design the society, but can also cause violence, bring in peace, make a man timid, and shy, make another man daring and brave etc.


Languages are the repositories of human social and historical experiences, though to open or to retrieve these golden information may need powerful tools.


Moreover, even in the realm of mental distress, which is commonly called Mental Disease, the component of language needs to be deciphered. There may come a time, when one may even with mathematical precision be able to calculate, which language, in which combination of persons, at what number of individuals, can create turbulence.


All that is in the distant future. For the time being, I leave this theme for my cotemporaries to dwell upon.



Maybe on to this I can string my ideas on the supernatural software, I speak of.


I think this theme might be important for both England as well as to the various feudal language locations, which had been under the English rule. The feudal language nations need to cure themselves of certain terrible viruses that have since times immemorial laid waste their vitals. And England needs to be aware of what it is that is swarming inside, when feudal language populations stream or storm in.

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