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14.  Caste repulsion is not an insane emotion


There might be a need to expound upon the concept of a Supernatural software arena that exists behind physical reality. This is what has created not only the observable universe but even the phenomenon of life and thinking and brain mechanism.


I have dwelt on this theme in some of my earlier books in English. And in recent times, I have made a reasonably deep foray into it in the continuing book that I am writing in the South Asian language.


If I am able to write those things in here, then the actual logic and reality of caste repulsions can be understood. Caste repulsion is not an insane emotion. It is more or less designed by the language codes as it interacts with the supernatural software codes of reality.


I had earlier believed that caste emotions in South Asia was created by the feudal languages, as it winnowed and sieved out human beings  into different levels in the verbal hierarchy. But then, later it dawned upon me that actually another process was also going along with this. That of different ethnic populations being arranged into varying layers inside the feudal languages.


Feudal languages are so powerful that people change terrifically. For instance, it can be very easily observed that people of South Asian ethnic origin, when they get born and bred in native-English nations, change into a non-South Asia, and more modern English looks.


However, modern English looks are not the same as the native English looks of pristine-English times.


Modern English looks, demeanour and attitude are designed by the brunt borne by pristine-English people as they come to bear the feudal language words and verbal codes, along with the associated feudal language codes radiated through the eyes, or experienced through proximity and association.


Actually if anyone among the native-English folks feels the tremors of this, well, the emotion is the same that was felt by the higher castes in South Asia, when they felt that they were being accosted by the lower castes.


Actually a real virus is at work. But then to know about this virus a detour to the subject of the supernatural software arena might need to be done. I do not know if I should do that here.

Actually, what is now mentioned as Social Distancing was what was practised during the heydays of the caste system in South Asia. Almost everything currently being done to ward-off the Corona virus was actually practised in the caste system at various levels.


Not only was distance maintained, but even the need to wash the hands and to be wary of things touched by a lower caste individual was there. And the need was real. There is a very solid reason for all this.


When native-English individuals feel the need to take the same precautions, it is easily mentioned as English Racism, by almost everyone, including the cEuropeans. However, when the cEuropeans take this up as a way to ward off their own emotional trauma, it becomes White racism. However, the fact is that this is an emotion that moves down the layers. And the emotional tugs at each level can actually be very clearly discerned in their actual string area. I do not intend to go into that here.


When I used to read English classics during my childhood, I could very easily understand that the stories were about a human population that was definitely different from most other human populations. Please bear in mind that Shakespeare’s writings do not come within the definition of English Classics, as understood by me. They are more in tune with Asian and cEuropean human emotions and verbal codes.


Even the children in the Famous Five stories of Enid Blyton stood in sharp contrast to all other children I could imagine of, in their communication stature.


Around 2004 to 2007, I did have a lengthy series of discussions inside a British discussion forum. I understand that there were native-English and also Irish, Blacks and even some South Asians or Asians, all domiciled in native English nations, in the forum. I have recreated a book out of my posts in there.  

The writing will be quite curious in that so many aspects of what is in the offing for England were discussed.


Why I mentioned this item here is that even in those days, I could feel a lowering in the stature of the native-English folks as they tried to get equated to other human populations, who had no concept of absolute human dignity or equality in verbal codes.


Yet, there was a politeness and refinement that the English side did possess and which was taken as the standard by the others.


What happened in the end is another story.


Then around February 2015, I had an opportunity to post my writings in TelegraphUK blogpages.


I think my writings did cause some kind of unease. I think it was this writing of mine that led to the sudden closure of the blog site.


In that blog site, I noticed that the native-English had gone more or less subdued and the non-English were more or less in command. At times, some native-English individual would come forward to make a sharp attack on my words which he or she felt were ‘racist’. But there was a refinement still available in them in that they would apologise for any inadvertent use of profane words.


There was one, I think, cEuropean person who categorically told me in a comment conversation that the native-English do not have the personality stature that I was imagining.


I did not contest that. For, in the last seventy years or so, what has been happening in England can be compared to an auto-rickshaw driver in India being allowed to move around on verbal quality with the top-most royalty of the Indian officialdom, that is the IAS and IPS.


The auto-rickshaw driver would then have no qualms in declaring that the top officials are useless and he can do a better job. It might be true also. However, in India no sane man would allow such an eventuality that can allow a lowly Indian citizen to move up through a huge number of verbal hierarchies to equate himself with the highest. It is not possible, usually.


But then if the same auto-rickshaw driver were to reach England, there is nothing to stop him from being equal to the common Englishman.


By around 2011, the whole world was entering into the internet. I could quite easily foresee that the whole set of clamour native to feudal language nations would get exported into the internet.


A couple of years back, I chanced to read one book by J Archer. This was an author whose novels I had seen in the hands of persons who were not identified by me, as of any kind of attachment to English. I think, there was a lot of good opinion for his books.


After my college days, I have rarely read any novels. Reading this book by Archer, around 2 years back, was indeed a shocker for me.   The writing was quite easy to read. Simple sentences and that too, of quite short length. The theme was also (maybe) tantalising.  The characters were mostly native-English.


However, what gave me the jolt was the stature of the people identified as native-English.  They were a far-cry from the native-English folks seen in the English classics of yore.  I remember reading the Moon and Sixpence by Somerset Maugham. English individuals, even when depicted in unkind descriptions, did bear an unassailable height in mental stature.  


The characters in J Archer’s novel seemed a like South-Asian visualisation of themselves, placed upon the English.


There is this quote I found recently.


Seeing ourselves as others would probably confirm our worst suspicions about them. - Franklin P. Jones


South Asians, and many other feudal language populations, do not know that there is another physical reality wherein, human beings and animals do not have an oscillating-between-extreme—opposite-poles personality feature, is there.

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