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13. Falling headlong into the creepy depths


Current-day native-Englishmen cannot be of the same mettle as that of the England that existed till the end of WW2. In fact, both can be quite different not only in temperament, but even in stature heights.


Due to the planar quality of pristine-English, persons who were born and bred, and also lived inside this language ambience had a mental stature that cannot be envisaged or replicated in any feudal language set up.


It is true that persons who exist in the higher platforms of feudal languages can stand at a height much higher than that of a common Englishman. However, the comparison can stand only on a one-to-one comparison.


The moment each of the individuals are weighed and compared along with the various other human strings that bear upon them and their native-social system, the common Englishman would naturally stand with a mental stature quite different and apart from what the other person can exist in.


This is because inside the virtual software arena of pristine-English, human beings as well as animals exist in a very stern static state. The concept of a virtual software arena is something I cannot go into here. Let me continue.


The afore-mentioned personal quality of the native-Englishmen is all past story. As of now, the current-day Englishmen do not exist in such a state of existence.


Actually an Englishman or women ought to live among other native-English individuals, react to the verbal codes of other English individuals, argue or debate with other native-English individuals, work under English individuals or supervise other native-English individuals, to maintain their innate English features in their highest quality form.


I am not speaking from any platform of an extreme infection of Anglophila, even though I have had such definitions cast at me. The above description of an English individual in his or her pristine form is based on my observations on language codes.


English is unique in that it can define a human being or an animal in an unrestrained level of personality features.   It is true that certain individuals in a feudal language ambience can arrive at much higher levels in stature. However, their higher levels are actually the heights achievable inside canyons, so to say.


That, ordinary non-abusive and non-offensive verbal codes can oscillate a human being or animal between heights and lowliness is a phenomenon which cannot be attached to an English individual who is detached from feudal language links.  There are terrific kinds of human emotions connected to this phenomenon, about which a pristine-English individual can have no experience of.


As of now, there is no native-English nation, where native-English men and women can be detached from feudal language codes and inflictions.


When a native-English child plays with or studies with or even converses with a child of German, Spanish, French, Italian, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or South American nativity, a terrific kind of re-coding will settle upon the English child. It is true that the other child also will have the same experience, but of a different kind.


Native-feudal language children can be of a variety of personality stature, depending on the verbal code stature they relatively have.


Yet, the moment they arrive in a pristine-English ambience, they or at least their children can get to acquire a glow on their body skin, the kind of which their own family members back in their native lands rarely get to have. There are reasons for this, the main one being the relocations happening in the virtual software arena, with the rubbing in of pristine-English codes.


At the same time, the feudal language codes can perch upon the native-English kids. Their demeanour and stature will get despoiled.


I did do a terrific human experiment in this regard some more than 20 years back. I have mentioned that in my book: Shrouded Satanism in feudal languages.


In my childhood I could imagine English from the scenes in the English Classics. Even Enid Blyton’s Famous Five series could create human communication scenes in my mind which were not imaginable in South Asia. I am speaking of the communication codes, and not of the adventures.


However, I was to get to know that even in the heydays of the English Classics, England was inundated with the super rich folks of the feudal language locations inside the English Empire. Not only Nehru, MKGandhi, Subaschandran and the rest of the wily chaps, but even the members of the raja families were also inside England. How the native-English common folks would have endured the demeanour and glances of these folks is beyond me. The landscape could erode.


In British-India (known as ‘India’ in England), the native-English folks were to a limited extent kept secluded from the nefarious codes of the feudal languages. However, the moment anyone of them learned the local languages, it would be like the surface tension of water being broken down by dissolving soap into it. The English individual will fall headlong into the creepy depths of the feudal languages.


Once in the depths, not only will he and his family members get bitten and feel the bite of other creatures in the depths, he and they will also start biting others. He metamorphoses into them.


Actually this phenomenon can be explained through the concept of a non-tangible software location that exists behind reality.


Maybe I should stop now.  Retaining reader attention is not easy nowadays.

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