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1. Claims to exotic information


I need to admit that I have a lot of information on England, English colonial endeavours, South Asia, and a few others things, from an others-versus-the-English perspective. Maybe I took to observing things right from my childhood. And started writing in a draft form from around 1989. I used to have a reading background in English classics also in my childhood.


The England I could imagine in those days has changed terribly over the last few decades.


Since this forum seems to be focused on English colonialism, I will post a tiny bit of information on a daily basis here. Since I do not have any spare time at all, I shall not take part in any debate or discussion. For, on almost any debate point, I have already written the explanations extensively in my various books.


First of all I need to very categorically mention that almost all current-day discussions on English colonial enterprises exist at a very superficial level. Most of the arguments are based on false presumptions and total ignorance of ground realities.


Stay-at-home England did not understand English colonial experiences in their exact form.

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