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What is entering?

On some day in October 2020, I received an invitation from an unknown person to join a discussion forum on Discord.

Discord was and is an unknown entity to me.

The forum name was and is: Heaven's Light Our Guide.

It was seen to be a common location for pro-English rule ideas and discussions.

Since I am generally always very busy with my own writing work, I do not have any time for discussion. Moreover, I have participated in a lot of similar discussions many years ago.  (However, I must admit that a huge lot of information that I had not seen elsewhere did arrive in this discussion board.)

However, I decided to do a regular posting on what was in my mind then.  It is about what has been entering into England in particular and to all native-English nations in general.

It is an information that has been desperately blocked online as well as offline, for the last 20 years or so. Academic discussions are seen to avoid any hint on this information, in non-English nations.

As to English nations, those who have swarmed in know about it, but do not want it mentioned. As to the native-English, they have no information on this. No one is keen to inform them about this.

In this book, I could place only the first 52 chapters of the writing.

I have written a number of books on this theme right from around 2000. However, the theme still remains a sort of anathema for many great intellectuals from the evil nations.




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